7 11:06 15 Apr 2004

I am trying to buy a decent digital camera under 100GBP with 3MP and 2x or 3x digital zoom with moving recording facility and 16mb internal memory....i have looked on the site and follwing r my choices but i am confused which is good.....kindly help me if possible....
1)Polaroid PDC3030 £ 79.99 at argos
2)PB Packard Bell - DSC-400 99.99GBP at PCWORLD
3)KODAK CX4310 99.99 at PCWORLD

my budget is 100GBP as above all this i need to buy the insurance and extra memory.

also tell me that which memory is both ways cheap and quality and where i get the cheap one.

what is xd card and where can i buy the card reader which can read all the card at the same time...i mean 9in1....

  7 11:20 15 Apr 2004

can somebody help regarding this?

  paddyjack 11:36 15 Apr 2004

try here 4megapixel for £50

  spencer boy 11:41 15 Apr 2004

Couldn't comment on your choices but i would be wary of buying one at this price - i brought one for around £100 (can't remember make) but have regretted it and am thinking about getting a more expensive one. Mine gobbles up batteries so i would try and get one with a rechargable battery. Sometimes the focus of the picture is crap (which is fustrating when you have a a sequence of pictures that you can't see). The digital zoom is not impressive and the movie clips are very basic .

Wouldn't bother about insurance - lots of formats of memory cards so just be careful you get the correct make for your camera (i have a 32MB card and that gives me loads of space). No need for a card reader as you just connect the camera to a usb port in your pc and download the pictures.

Lots of cameras about at a good price though. Argos have lots of special offers so unless you get recommended one then i suspose they are about the same.

Someone else maybe able to recommend a good camera for your bugdet.

  TommyRed 14:21 15 Apr 2004

Have a look at this camera here only £99 2MP, 3X optical zoom (better than digital zoom) 16Mb memory card plus extras click here I have an earlier version of this camera and it is excellent. Get an XD card reader from click here I'd also recommend getting a battery charger and rechargeable batteries, though this camera doesn't gobble up the batteries like some do. HTH TR

  €dstowe 14:28 15 Apr 2004

Be careful of the Polaroid. Our receptionist bought one.

1. The viewing screen failed.
2. The replacement had its flash out of sync with the shutter.
3. The second replacement flashed about five times and failed.
4. The third replacement's viewing screen was in black and white only with white bars top and bottom.
5. No fifth replacement, just a grudging return on cash.

  CHAIRLEG 15:35 15 Apr 2004

Ihave kodak cx6230easyshare£119 i also have the printer £149.If bought as package also get software.can be bought seperate.Look in argos cat.
only 6+4 prints but good quality.

  georgemac 15:42 15 Apr 2004

click here casio qv-r40 refurbished with one year warranty 4 mp 3 x optical zoom very nice camera - 10 mb internal memory you will also need to purchase a memeory card


click here for £159 delivered a 5 mp with 3 x optical zoom with 32 mb of internal memory

hope one of these will do

  georgemac 15:46 15 Apr 2004

click here but will also have postage cost, also do memory cards at very good prices

what insurance are you buying - additional warranty? too expensive - I never bother

  floydking 16:08 15 Apr 2004

I don't think there is much to choose between digital cameras in this price range. Presumably you only intend printing up to 6x4. As for cards, the best place to buy them is probably by mail order from MX2; 7dayshop etc. all to be found in photo mags (e.g. Practical Photographer). These are all based in Gurnsey and are able to sell cheaply due to the different tax laws that apply to them. You will also find the best advice about digital photography in photo mags generally, where there tends to be a plethora of the stuff. They also help to get things into perspective (pardon the pun), as you will soon find out that a digital back for many pro-spec cameras cost circa 7K-17k, along with reviews of the cheaper (considerably) gear. Best wishes. Floyd

  twin 17:04 15 Apr 2004

sites to see
use google for
watford electronics.

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