conflicting advice

  Alfredo 10:11 28 Aug 2003

i am running XP pro and my details are as follows 800 mghz processor--128k memory and 20gb hard drive.
i am running more programmes since changing from '98 se, and my pc has slowed down quite a lot.
one person told me i need more memory (512k) and another said that memory won't make it that much faster,but getting a bigger processor (max on my motherboard is 1800mghz) will speed things up more ----------who do i take notice of? i can only afford one or the other-so which will make the pc work the faster--------alf

  temp003 10:27 28 Aug 2003

Both the CPU and the amount of memory will affect your computer's performance.

In your case, I would probably buy more memory, if it's either one of the two. 800MHz is fine with XP Pro, but XP pro on startup (with the usual background processes and applications such as antivirus) will probably take up the whole of your 128MB memory, and that's before you open a couple of applications. Your computer is constantly using the hard disk for virtual memory. Access to the hard disk is much slower than RAM memory.

You can make do with 256MB, but would be nice with 512MB.

Upgrading to a faster cpu, but with only 128MB, running xp, will not give you much help, because your computer will still be accessing the hard disk to use as virtual memory.

  Legolas 10:28 28 Aug 2003

To see a real increase in speed you would need to upgrade your processor speed by quite a bit, say double to 1600. Adding more memory up to 512 will probably show a greater speed increase and I would go for that. I am sure you will get others saying the opposite as this is a common bone of contention in computing.

  JoeC 10:51 28 Aug 2003

click here

to cut down on many unnecessary " services " that run with XP. I would agree that XP really needs 512 MB memory.

  Terrahawk 10:57 28 Aug 2003

xp you need at least 256mb ram preferably 512mb as 800mhz processor should run xp quite comfortably i would go with a ram upgrade

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