Confirmation of PCi Express Card Specification

  Giggle n' Bits 01:43 14 Apr 2006

Can someone confirm if this graphics card truly does have 24 Pixel Pipelines as I read on another site that its untrue. click here

Also is this a good Graphics card for all round general use. I stress I am not that much into Games but do require good grpahics for this programme click here

This is Aircraft Radar and good graphics required.

  rdave13 01:51 14 Apr 2006

click here Seems a good card and has 24 pixel pipelines.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:09 14 Apr 2006

I see there is more than one release of this Inno3D 256MB PCi Express Card how do I know I am buying the correct one with the 24 Pixel Pipelines ?

  gudgulf 12:35 14 Apr 2006

ALL 7900GTs have 24 pixel opposed to the 7800GT which has 20.

As long as you buy the 7900 version you will get what you want.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:49 14 Apr 2006

Don't suppose anyone could recomend a decent 7800GT OR 7900GT ? Are Albatron, Leadtek, XFX, BFG, Gainward good makes ?

  Methedrine 13:13 14 Apr 2006

I don't think the manufacturer is a concern. They all have the nvidia chipset. That's the important bit.

I have had graphics cards made by Leadtek and Gainward in the past and am currently running a PNY card. All worked well, all had nvidia chipset.

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