Configuring Router

  JimT 11:32 13 Sep 2008

My son is staying with me at the moment and while here he's bought a laptop and router.

Is it possible for us to configure the router while he's here, with his ISP settings and using my phone connection, so that when he goes home he can simply plug into his phone line and use it?

  Taff™ 12:06 13 Sep 2008

I assume you don`t have broadband or that it`s not the same ISP. If it`s a wireless router you can configure it without connecting to your phone line. You would have to do this manually so you need to post back your son`s ISP at home, the make and model of the router. Someone will post back the instructions - I`m out for the afternoon but will check back.

This will only set up a connection by ethernet cable or wireless to the router but he should then be able to plug it in at home and it will work immediately.

  JimT 12:13 13 Sep 2008

It's a wireless router (Belkin F5D8633-4).

As it happens I use the same ISP (Talk Talk). I remember when I set up mine it asks for details of your ISP (logon and password)and so we would need to put his details in when configuring. When setting up I also remeber you need to be plugged in to the phone line to test the internet connection.

I thought we could use the automatic set up facility but input his ISP details, then he simply plugs in to his phone line at home.

  woodchip 12:18 13 Sep 2008

No it will only work on is line unless you have Broadband.

As to the above you can connect the router to the Laptop by running Internet Explorer and typing the correct address in the Address Bar at the top of IE
For a Wireless Router this could be the address that gets you to the setup page, then press enter key. If it goes you will be asked to enter a password if it shows as Admin type in lower case admin and press enter. you then have to fill in your ISP details on setup page

  woodchip 12:20 13 Sep 2008

With Belkin you may have to type

http:// before the address I gave above

  JimT 12:20 13 Sep 2008

sorry - forgot to say I have broadband

  woodchip 12:21 13 Sep 2008

You can use yours until he gets home by typing in your details. These he would have to change back after

  Eric10 12:24 13 Sep 2008

Since you have the same ISP I think I'm right in saying that you should be able to install the router in place of your own and set it up as if for yourself with your own username and password. Once you are sure that it works you can change the username and password to his own and save the settings. It may not then connect on your phone line but should be okay when plugged into his own.

  JimT 12:28 13 Sep 2008

Do you mean type in MY ISP details?

  woodchip 12:35 13 Sep 2008

Yes in the Setup Page that I pointed you to above, then change the modem for the Router

  Taff™ 08:20 14 Sep 2008

Thanks woodchip and Eric10 - spot on advice. Sorry I was running round chasing the oval ball yesterday afternoon.

JimT - Remember to set up the wireless security as well once you have it working and change the default router log in that woodchip gave you.

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