Configuring a router

  Jackcoms 06:45 16 Sep 2006

I had a previous thread (now closed) click here about the cabling to connect 6 PCs to a single BB connection in my daughter's student flat.

Thanks to Forum members that issue is now sorted!

However, another question:

The 6 PCs are now connected via a modem and a router. To enable their connection (with Tiscali) do the girls have to run the Tiscali settings CD on each of the 6 PCs or do they have to enable/configure Tiscali's settings only on the router?

Please note that this is NOT a network, but 6 individual PCs sharing a common BB connection.

  SLAYER 06:52 16 Sep 2006

With my router,Thompson Speedtouch,thats all I configured,I have three connected.But if they want to their access email,I'm AOL,I had to install AOL the PCs that needed access to their individual email accounts.

  Jackcoms 07:14 16 Sep 2006

Thanks for your quick response. Understood.

As far as I know, accessing individual e-mail is not an issue.

They will all be using Hotmail or another webmail service.

So what you're saying is to access the internet, via Tiscali, they only configure the router.

If one of the girls wants to access individual e-mail (using Outlook or Outlook Express, for instance) they will have to configure those e-mail clients on their own PC.

  SLAYER 07:22 16 Sep 2006

Hi again,yes to both,as I said earlier,thats all I had to do.In fact I have a spare connection which I use to plug into a PC that I am sorting out and need to get any software updates.



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