Configuring Ojutlook 2003 for Gmail

  Jayar 11:35 19 Sep 2009

I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 as an email client, and also use Mailwasher to get rid of SPAM before downloading. I have four email accounts, of which three download directly into my Inbox which is what I prefer. The fourth account is with, and when I configured Outlook to accept email from this account, it created its own “Gmail” folder which expands into its own Inbox and a folder for junkmail. Is there a way to have Gmail not downloading into its own Inbox, but the main one as the other three do? Gmail seems to create its own .pst file, and it is the only email account I have that uses IMAP instead of POP3 which may be the reason for the status quo. I don’t get a lot of inbound mail via Gmail, and it find it a pain to have to keep opening it, rather than, like the rest, it appearing automatically in the main Inbox.

  Woolwell 21:29 19 Sep 2009

It is because you have set it up as IMAP rather than POP. You can have a POP Gmail account. Outlook treats IMAP and POP totally differently as of course they are different. You could try a message rule but I am not sure that it will work.

  Jayar 08:42 20 Sep 2009

Thanks Woolwell - youy are correct, Gmail can be set up as a pop account, but it doesn't solve my problem - email still goes into the Gmail-created Inbox, and not the main Inbox. I would like to get rid of the Gmail tree completely. Apologies for the delay in reply, but I am having difficulties logging into this website at the present time.

  Jayar 09:36 20 Sep 2009

Thanks again Woolwell - cracked it - the clue was in settting it up as a POP account and not IMAP as I had (as recommended by Gmail). Cheers

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