Configuring Norton

  Dave123 08:46 11 Nov 2004

I'm confused. I use Norton internet security, fire wall and ant-virus etc. When configuring the firewall to check which of my programs is capable of accessing the internet, it comes up with a whole list, 95 last time i did it. I have in the past, set most of them so they are blocked from accessing the internet. Now they are back to auto setting. Also the info at the top does not make sense. Anyone use this and can explain the best way of stopping the programs from accessing the net - permanently.

  JoeC 09:32 11 Nov 2004

The way I run it is to manually configure it. I removed every entry under the firewall settings then - one by one - opened up the programmes I use on the internet and gave them permission. After that, any programme wanting to access the internet will cause an alert and you can " always block " or allow ( in case it is one you missed previously).

  Urotsukidoji 11:00 11 Nov 2004

sorry, it has to be said, but



the book tells you how to do it.

  Dave123 12:28 11 Nov 2004

Thankyou for the kind advise !! I didn't get one and the help doesn't. You know what Bambi's mother used to say, if can't say anything nice say nothing. Politeness costs nothing.

  BRYNIT 14:07 11 Nov 2004

usually you will find help files with Norton products. If not you can down load pdf files fron the Norton web site. click here this is the link for Norton Personal Firewall 2004 User's Guide. click on the file it will open in adobe reader. You can then save the file to your HD if required..

  Danoh 14:23 11 Nov 2004

I had a look @ my NIS 2005 Firewall setup and can't follow your comment about the info not being helpful. Its not been long but I can't remember what my NIS 2003 looked like. More details would help so in turn we could try to help.

Not sure why you want your programs not to access the internet, permanently. I'd imagine the reason for spending money on a top flight product such as Mcafee or Norton, is to enable you have safe internet access.

But as suggested by JoeC and BRYNIT, there're always NIS configuration options available to allow you to adjust for your preferences. Of course, if you really want to make sure, disconnect your telecommunications cable by which you gain internet access.

  Urotsukidoji 17:09 12 Nov 2004

believe me i was being polite. from what you said in the original post i drew the conclusion you bought a retail copy of NIS.

To my knowledge all retail versions, unless d/l off the net have a manual. a big one. (makes a good door stop when the kids are trying to interrupt a long gaming session ;o)

I also drew the conclusion that if you did not have a book, you would have tried the norton website for the manual, or indeed used the help files. these are not difficult to understand.

possibly these conclusions were wrong, if so sorry, but it gets my goat when people ask for help without trying to find out for themselves - my nan always used to ask "before you ask the question have you looked for the answer" - your post made no mention that you had.

anyway hope you can fix your problem, if not, ask away and if i can help i will try.


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