configuring a netgear modem..

  borzoo 01:57 25 Nov 2008

I bought a netgear wireless router with modem build inside ,I tired to contact to internet via modem and configure the modem after calling the VERISON (the internet provider )to get thee information about the network the problem that I face was that the protocol for the modem that I was suppose to use was DHCP but the netgear configuration didnt contain any DHCP the only options that were available was PPP_OE and PPP_OA
I need some help to configure the modem with the network .
can anyone tell me how!

  mgmcc 08:41 25 Nov 2008

What country are you in and is your broadband "Cable" or "DSL" via the phone line?

In the UK, ADSL uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) but I believe DSL in the US and various other countries uses PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet).

Setting the router to use DHCP would normally indicate that you're using a "Cable/DSL" router (no built-in Modem) connecting by ethernet cable to either a Cable Modem or an Ethernet DSL Modem.

Verizon appears to be a US based provider and these forums are predominantly UK based, so broadband connectivity may be different.

  ambra4 03:45 26 Nov 2008

Verizon uses PPPoE and needs Verizon username and password take a read here it might help you to set up the netgear modem/router

click here

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