Configuring Home Plug to make one network.

  Carioca 20:00 28 Jul 2014

I have a BT Home Hub 3 at one end of the house and a Devolo dLan 200 AV wireless Home Plug in the conservatory. Each has its own password/network key and when I move from one to the other with my iPad I have to go into Settings on the iPad and manually switch networks. How can I configure my network to automatically switch to the stronger signal when I move around the house? I am running Windows 8.1 on my desktop. Thanks

  northumbria61 21:27 28 Jul 2014

Each has its own password/network key Are you saying they are different or am I missing the point?
They both need to have the same SSID and passphrase to be able to communicate with each other. Or is it just a weak signal you are experiencing? There are many factors that could influence that, the distance between the two devices, thickness of walls etc.

  Carioca 23:54 28 Jul 2014

They have different SSIDs and passphrases but I don't know how to make them the same. I am getting a strong signal when close to each and there is also an overlap of signal, but I would like my iPad and iPhone to switch automatically to the stronger signal, or better still, for the Devolo and BT Home hub to be part of the same network. Hope this makes it a bit clearer.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:08 29 Jul 2014

Carioca, you need to login to the homeplug and change the wireless-network name (AKA "SSID"), password (AKA "Security Key"), and channel number so they're the same as your BT Home Hub. Here's the direct link to the user manual for your Devolo.

If your iPad and iPhone fully support "roaming" then they should automatically switch to the strongest signal as you move around your home.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:23 29 Jul 2014

PS: All the settings I mentioned can be found in the same screen in the "Access Point" section. Encryption needs to be set to "WPA/WPA2".

  Carioca 09:45 29 Jul 2014

Thank you very much. I'll give it a bash.

  john bunyan 09:57 29 Jul 2014

A PCA link as background info


  Batch 12:38 29 Jul 2014

Have to say I'm a bit surprised that you can connect (to the Internet) via the Devolo if you haven't set both up with same SSID / passphrase / channel. Unless I'm missing something, I can't see how the Devolo can connect to the BT Hub without the same SSID / passphrase / channel.

That's assuming (from what you've said) that the Devolo is a single standalone unit (and as such is a WiFi extender that, itslef, connects to the router using WiFi), rather than two units (one plugged in by the router and connected to the router by cable and one [the WiFi bit] plugged in elsewhere communicated over your electrics wiring [aka Powerline]). If it is the latter case, you have a WiFi access point which could use different SSID / passphrase / channel, but you won't be able to readily move between the WiFi Access Point and your BT Hub unless they are set up to be the same.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:10 29 Jul 2014

Batch, the Devolo in question is simply a homeplug that also acts as a wireless access point. It therefore gets Internet access via the homeplug that's connected to the Home Hub. It doesn't appear to have any extender/repeater capabilities.

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