Configuring Fax in XP

  graham 18:23 14 Jan 2003
  graham 18:23 14 Jan 2003

A question regarding the Fax software in XP led me to try it, don't need it as I have a machine, but you do don't you. Got to the end of the Wizard and got a message saying "no modem". Couldn't get it to work (I'd set it to fax my mobile) so shut down. When I re-started, my mobile rang straight away. Then the penny dropped - I was on-line whilst trying the Fax, so the modem was busy. Hope this is of some help to any puzzled souls ou there.

  graham 19:58 29 Jan 2003

so I can tick it.

  Gorillaz 20:46 29 Jan 2003

You must know how to disable so can you check my thread and let me know, sorry I do not know how to "click here" to take you to my thread.

  Djohn 20:52 29 Jan 2003

click here there we is! :o)

  graham 21:00 29 Jan 2003

Not sure what you want to disable. Get your thread on screen, left click on the "http" address bar, it will turn blue. Right click on this and left click on copy. Come back here, right click on "paste".

  graham 21:07 29 Jan 2003

Have to go off-line for a while. I trust someone can help Gorillaz.

  Gorillaz 10:55 30 Jan 2003

click here
Hope this is right.

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