Configuring ADSL with a router

  Andy 999 18:53 21 Jan 2003
  Andy 999 18:53 21 Jan 2003

Hi everyone, I have got ADSL now and have purchased everything i need to get connected. The only problem is i annot configure my router to receive adsl. I am on 56k now. I have read the instructions supplied with it but it tells me to connect to an ip address but it will not. I have the details about my user name p/w etc for ADSL but don't know how to configure the router.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  jazzypop 18:59 21 Jan 2003

Do you have any firewalls installed? If so, uninstall them, and re-install once the connection is up and running.

To give the detailed advice you seem to be asking for, it would be helpful to know the IP address of the ISP, the exact make and model of your router, and what version of Windows you are running.

  Andy 999 19:09 21 Jan 2003

Ok. I am running windows XP. The ISP is Zen Internet and the modem/router is MRI ADSL USBMODEM/ROUTER

  Andy 999 19:24 21 Jan 2003

btw, my IP Address is

  Andy 999 20:02 21 Jan 2003


  Psiman 20:51 21 Jan 2003

Pilch had a similar problem with Zen, see if this helps click here Check the usual i.e. using correct settings for VPI & VCI.

  Andy 999 22:18 21 Jan 2003

I am sure i have put the settings right but i just can't load any web pages. I have tried IE6 help but there is next to no help for this. I think i might need to to configure IE6 to use the connection. Any ideas?? I think i will need to be walked through this. I have checked your link psiman but have found no help that i could use. I am new to setting up networks so i don't know much about them.

Thanks in advance

  jazzypop 22:35 21 Jan 2003

Sorry about the delay - I got called away.

The first thing to establish is whether you can 'see' the router from your PC.

To do this, open Internet Explorer and select Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings. Make sure that none of the boxes are ticked.

Then hit OK and Apply until you are back to the browser, and type the IP address of your router into the address bar, hit Enter.

The IP address of your router should be in the instruction manual that came with it - if you can't see it, try

You should then see a web page that is the setup screen for your router. You will then need to double-check the router settings, according to the setup instructions supplied by Zen.

Unfortunately, MRI do not supply a user manual via their website, and Zen does not list the MRI router on their ADSL web pages at click here - but have a look at the link, routers are often re-badged.

Once you have setup the router, reboot the PC, fire up your browser, and choose a web site.

If that does not work, feel free to post back.

  Pilch.... 23:01 21 Jan 2003


can you see the router at all?

for mine i can use web browser to make change to it, not via command line interface....

are the lights on the router ok?

You may also have problems with the actual gateways etc.

  Andy 999 10:14 22 Jan 2003

I have lights on saying the ethernet connection is ok and that a connection for adsl is possible and that it is enabled. Also, i can see my network card connetion connecting at 100.0mbps and it sends packets??? whatever they are...

Anyway, the ip it says in the booklet for the router is
I can open this and when i click adsl status it says d/l 576 u/l 288 kbps

It is a conexant gateway i think.

Also, i clicked diagnostic test and the router passed all the test apart from one. The one it failed was PPP smething. I can't remember off the top of my head. I know it had PPP at the beginning. Anyhow, i checked into this and i found that it could of failed because the IP was wrong. The IP address that Zen gave me, said: The following static IP Address has been assinged to your personal use:

The dns ip's are:


I don't know what to do....

Any suggestions??

Also, I have screwed my 56k modem connections at home so i won't be able to get online when i get home at about 4pm
I also can't be bothered messing with 56k any more for a few hours. It will probably take me that long to get it working!(I have bad luck with computers)

I think i will need walking through this.

Thanks for your responses

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