Configure dell pc 13 in 1 card reader?

  Tick Tock 1 19:59 23 Dec 2005

Under the floppy drive option 13 in 1 card reader
included in price but not a floppy disk drive.Will
this drive read floppy disks as well.

  BurrWalnut 20:04 23 Dec 2005

In a word, No.

  jack 20:13 23 Dec 2005

As BurrWalnut a 13 in one is for media cards for cameras and the like

There is a trend to drop A drives[3.5 in floppies]
just like B drives[5.5 inch floppies - who uses them now?]

  Belatucadrus 20:17 23 Dec 2005

1. SmartMedia and xD
2. CompactFlash® Type I and II and IBM Microdrive
3. Secure Digital (SD), Mini-SD, MultiMediaCard (MMC) and RS-MMC
4. Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO® , Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Duo Pro

  lotvic 00:53 24 Dec 2005

Have just got a Dell Dimension 9150 (for my neices) and it was the same - 13 in 1 card reader but No floppy drive -

However, when it was delivered there is also a 3.5 drive bay blanked off above the card reader so it will be easy to fit a floppy drive in as well. (I'm told that ones with black front to match the case only cost about £10 to fit yourself)

If you want one fitted before delivery then I suggest you ring Dell and ask for it. I wish I had known before as I would have had one fitted because it is useful. (Anyway I only got it with the 12 month warrenty so am going to fit floppy myself at a later date)

  Stuartli 10:44 24 Dec 2005

You can buy a top brand floppy disk drive for around £5.

  Tick Tock 1 15:22 24 Dec 2005

Thank you all.

  jack 09:54 26 Dec 2005

Primarly for lot vic if he is still tuning in.
Dell being Dell- Who build machines from usually dedicated components of their own design rather than cobble from standard parts
It is concievable that having decided to drop floppies the mother board will have no where into which to plug in a floppy drive. No drive connector or board architechture to accomodate it.
A 3.5 bay after all accomodates a hardrive and other bits and bobs.
Perhaps it may be wise to checkout the layout and then for a USB external Floppy.

  MattW 10:10 26 Dec 2005

I don't wish to be rude and was foolish enough to fit a floppy drive to the PC I built last year but who in gods name can have use of a floppy disc drive now. Okay some people with older machines may still find use of 1.5mb of portable storage but with a 13 in 1 card reader and protbably a host of USB drives the world is your lobster for moving info between machines. Again I don't wish to offend and I'm sure that some people will say that they still find floppys useful but both of the machines that I have I haven't used the floppy drives since building them. Don't worry be happy.

  jack 14:16 26 Dec 2005

Matt W.
Not need to apologise- There are still folk out there who may have a pile of floppies on which valuable data[to them] is stored.
Having recently built your own machine, it can be considered that you have a level of IT acumen to a higher level than most.
There are many folk who to them a PC is a machine to use for all their workaday things and the thought of getting the cover off sends a shiver down their spine.

  lotvic 16:38 26 Dec 2005

many thanks for pointing that out. I will have to check with Dell to see if it can be done. I had already thought that anything on floppies I would transfer to a memory card or USB memory or burn to cd on my pc for them to use on theirs. Seems like that would be best if it is not poss for them to have a floppy drive. There isn't that much anyway so prob won't bother fitting one on Dell pc.

MattW: thanks for your useful input. Yeah, now I think about it I hardly ever use my floppy drive anymore.

I hope Tick Tock 1 checks with Dell about wanting a floppy on his pc.

Happy New Year All :)

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