Configuration error

  Nicco 14:44 16 Apr 2003

A problem with Windows XP Home resulted in my having to re-install XP.

When I now try to get onto the internet I get the message

'A configuration error on this computer is preventing this connection. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Center for this error number.'

There is no More Info button only an OK one. There is no error number.

Any ideas appreciated

  recap 16:30 16 Apr 2003

If you are using a dial up account, check the account details. Telephone number for dial out etc.

If it's a broadband connection make sure the software has installed correctly and check the settings for your BB connection. Make user all connections are secure also.

  Nicco 19:34 27 Apr 2003

I can't seem to find them!

In Network Connections I only have the heading 'LAN or High-Speed Internet' which only shows a disabled LAN and a 1394 connection.

When I try to create a new connection using the Wizard, I select the 'Connect to Internet' option then 'Set up my connection manually'. On the next screen the 'Connect using a dial-up modem' option is greyed out. The only option available is 'Connect using a broadband connection that is always on'

I don't have broadband, only a Modem connection.

  Nicco 22:18 28 Apr 2003

Performed both registry fixes and have re-installed Windows XP but modem connection still greyed out.

Next suggestion is to install SP1 - how do I do this without an internet connection on that PC?

  recap 12:14 29 Apr 2003

Nicco, if your PC has a CD burner then burn SP1 and install it on the problem machine.


If your PC's are networked do it via the network.

  Nicco 13:22 29 Apr 2003

recap, just to clarify, I need to download the network Windows XP1a service pack from Microsoft (all 134MB of it) onto a working PC, burn this onto a CD and copy and run it on the non-working PC. Is my understanding correct?

Am I safe in downloading the file onto a non XP PC without it trying to self install thereby creating havoc?

  rober32 13:36 29 Apr 2003

Try this---goto Run:type in regedit >Select folders in the folllowing order: >-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >-SYSTEM >-Current Control Set >-Services >-RasMan >-PPP >-EAP >-when you get to this point, you should see 4 folders (numbered 4, 13, 25, 26) >-DELETE: folders 25 and 26

  Nicco 23:15 29 Apr 2003

Followed your suggestion but no joy, internet connection still greyed out

  rober32 11:02 30 Apr 2003

Go to control panel/Admin tools/services/network connections---set startup type to manual and click start

  Nicco 19:35 30 Apr 2003

rober32, network connections were already set to manual so I stopped and restarted them and I now have an internet connection, so thanks very much and thanks also to recap and ßé£â for your help.

I did say almost there.........
Once connected I can't disconnect. My icon in Network Connections dial up continues to say disconnected and I have no status icon on my taskbar.

  Nicco 19:48 30 Apr 2003

Sorry, was being lazy, should have rebooted first time.

All now working as it should, thanks again

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