conection speed, Be DAXED and be DAMNED

  geewis 21:28 05 Aug 2003

Hi Guys, just a note to all out there who could do with a decent conection speed, ever since I have been using the internet my conection speed never went above 28.8 KB/s and sometimes as low as 22KB/s, so when I got myself a new Pc ( cybercom P4 2.2 and over a Gig of RAM and a 17 in TFT ) I was rather dischuffed when my speed did not increase but a friend told me that BT oftain use a DAX box to join 2 lines together, this is ok for speech but not for data transfer. So 2 weeks ago I phoned BT and yes they confirmed that I was conected via a DAX , It took me over 4 hrs of arguing to various departments before they finaly agread to remove me from to dreaded box, now my speed has increased to 44 KB/s. Aparently BT do not guarentee data speed only audio but yet sell BT Internet Now I'm pleased and enjoying the speed everyone else gets.

  Confab 22:39 05 Aug 2003

I had the same probelm 2 years ago when I moved house that had DACS installed. I hope they removed it for free as they did with mine. Just one thing - make sure BT have removed the DACS bit at the exchange as well, it won't cause you any problems if you use dial up at the moment but if you upgrade to broadband it will.

  geewis 22:44 05 Aug 2003

Thanks Confab, payment was never mentioned but the guy that did the dirty deed did mention something about the exchange

  Confab 23:04 05 Aug 2003

If you think you might ever get adsl installed it might be a good idea to get BT to confirm that thay have removed your DACS from the exchange. It took over six weeks for my adsl to be installed because of the DACS connection. The engineer "forgot" to remove it and at one stage I had BT telling me that they needed to move the telegraph pole closer to my house or dig up my front garden to lay a new cable to get my adsl working!

In the end the engineer who came round to my house to got so fed up with the situation that he walked round to the exchange himself and removed the DACS. A problem that had gone on for six weeks was resolved in 10 minutes.

  geewis 23:10 05 Aug 2003

Hay confab I was told that if BT isued the order to de-dax my line the engineers would refuse to do it, beat that

  Confab 23:16 05 Aug 2003

I was told that they would only remove the dacs connection from my house for free if it was broken. No problem I said give me 30 seconds and it will be (accidentally of course). It was removed the next day - for free.

BT at their best.

  graham√ 09:18 06 Aug 2003

See my thread for the new standards for connection speeds click here

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