Conecting my laptop to my pc

  lasy1712 16:57 23 Jan 2008

Hi i am after some advice. I don't know all that much about computers so i am struggling at the moment.
I have a pc which is connected to the internet and i have just brought a laptop which i want to get the Internet on but i want to connect it to my pc to do this. Can i do this through Bluetooth dongles as both the pc and laptop will support bluetooth if not will a usb male to male cable do this? If there is a better way of doing this please tell.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 23 Jan 2008

Operating systems on both laptop and PC?

what type of modem do you have?

Does the laptop have a wireless card fitted, most do nowadays?

  lasy1712 18:46 23 Jan 2008

both are intel core 2 and running on vista home premium. My PC is connected to the house's wireless router which is running on aol broadband.
The laptop has the capability to connect via wifi.

  Technotiger 19:00 23 Jan 2008

So you should not need any other cable/hardware to connect wirelessly. On the laptop go to Start>Connect to, then show all connections - you should see your Router and then be able to click on Connect.

  lasy1712 19:11 23 Jan 2008

i live in a shared house where there is a couple of people to are connected to this router and we can't get the laptop to connect to the router,(It finds it but will not connect) someone said you need to get an IP address but i don't know how to do this because the landlord has done this for us in the past and he isn't around for awhile.

  Technotiger 19:22 23 Jan 2008

You could try re-setting the Router, or ...

have a read through this other thread, it might give you a clue what to try next ... click here

  cream. 19:27 23 Jan 2008

Do you know the make of the router?

i.e. belkin, netgear, linksky.

  retep888 19:28 23 Jan 2008

Buy yourself a longish ethernet cable and plug it to the back of the router,obviously you don't have the security code for the router.

  cream. 19:33 23 Jan 2008

Sorry, just re=-read your first posting.

If you want the IP address. Go to your desktop machine and

click on the orb > control panel > network and sharing center > view status > properties > internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

This will give you your IP address and DNS server address.

Also check it on (TCP/IPv4)

Put these settings on your laptop.

PS are you sure it's these and not the network key?

  lasy1712 19:33 23 Jan 2008

first of all, thank you for all your help.

The router is netgear and no we don't know the security code for it. So if i get an ethernet cable i can plug it into the back of the router then into my laptop and that will give me access to the internet?

  iscanut 19:37 23 Jan 2008

Ethernet from router to pc should work.

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