conductor cable

  1x11456 16:31 05 Oct 2004

i have just fitted a new mobo and it bleeps once loads up to the dual os's pick one then the screen goes black and nothing rebooted and got no 80 conductor cable installed. help

  Bris 19:48 05 Oct 2004

Just a guess but it could be refering to the IDE connector to your HDD. For modern drives this must be an 80 core cable. When IDE first came out it was only necessary to have a 40 core cable as the transfer speed was relatively slow. As the transfer speed increased it was necessary to fit an 80 core cable to combat interference experienced with a 40 core cable. Even though there are still only 40 pins in the drive connector the cable itself has 80 cores. My guess is that you have fitted a 40 core IDE cable An 80 core cable looks the same as a 40 core cable.

  1x11456 10:47 06 Oct 2004

thanks bris i changed the ide lead and bingo works a treat. cheers :-)

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