Conditional formatting by date

  wiznyme 11:14 24 Mar 2006

I'm sure this will have been answered before but I can't find it.

How do you conditionally format a cell containing dates to change colour if it's more than a specific amount of day's in the past.

Thanks for the help.


  johnnyrocker 11:43 24 Mar 2006

the 'if' function should solve this for you.


  VoG II 11:51 24 Mar 2006

Something like

=IF (TODAY() - A1) > 3

  Simsy 12:26 24 Mar 2006

Format>Conditional formatting

Cell value is "Less than" and the amount box put


where B1 is a cell that contains the number of days ago you want. You can, of course, enter this number directly, instead of via a cell.



  wiznyme 14:10 24 Mar 2006

Problem sorted.


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