conditional formatting

  peug417 22:15 03 Apr 2003

Hi there once again
having been absent for a while I am once again in need of help. The previous archived threads havn't offered any help so here goes.
i want to alter the colour of some cells dependent on the content of d4. e.g if d4 = no cells f4,g4, and h4 turn red. I am sure i have done this before but can't recall the way i did it. Thanks in anticipation

  Les 22:35 03 Apr 2003

Assuming you use Excel - try clicking on Format and then Conditional Formatting. Experiment with that - it is possible.

  VoG™ 22:09 04 Apr 2003

As Les says...

Under Condition1 select "Formula Is" and in the formula bar enter =ISNUMBER(D4)

then choose the formatting that you want.

  peug417 22:30 04 Apr 2003

Hi once again:
tried your formula though it didn't work.

depending on info inserted in A4, D4 can either have the response yes or no. If No then there is no need for entries to E4,F4,G4,H4, hence the conditional format.

Hope this is clearer for you to understand.

  VoG™ 22:41 04 Apr 2003

Then follow the instructions above but use


in the formula bar.

  peug417 09:46 05 Apr 2003

Thankyou for you assistance once again.

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