Conditional font colour change in Access

  pickle factory 06:42 01 Mar 2004

Help please! I have an Access database with a report showing simply a list of names and a corresponding list of payments. I want it to automatically change the font colour of both the name and payment amount, individually, dependant on the amount paid. I can do the amount by using conditional formatting on that box in the report, but how do I get the name to change with it as I can't link conditional formatting to another box , can I? The report is being generated from a query.
Any ideas folks?

  pickle factory 13:25 09 Mar 2004

I bet this is something stupidly easy and I'm missing it, but I'm sure there is someone out there who can do this in their sleep. I've looked through various other strings but not found the right issue. Anyone got any suggestions please? Appreciate any advice. Thanks

  Rand Al Thor 13:31 09 Mar 2004

What version of Access are you using? Up to Access 97 you have to code the formatting, but after 97 there is, I believe conditional formatting in place.


  Taran 14:58 09 Mar 2004

1. Open your Access report

2. Highlight the field that you want to change the behavior of using conditional formatting.

3. From the Format menu, select Conditional Formatting.

4. Once the Conditional Formatting window opens, enter the values for the first condition [along the lines of if the selected Field value is equal to, greater than, less than or a combination thereof]

5. Select the formatting to apply when the condition is met.

6. Either apply more conditions to the same field [click on the Add button] or choose another field and format it accordingly.

7. When you're finished, click OK.

8. Preview the report to verify that your conditional formatting has been applied and is what you want.

Job done.

  pickle factory 18:35 11 Mar 2004

I'm using Office 2000, I have used conditional formatting for the 'Amount' field, which works fine, but I want the 'Name' field to change format simultaneously. My problem is that the condition in the 'Amount' field is based on the amount paid being greater than a particular value, but how do I relate the 'Name' field (Which is text) to the 'Amount' field (Number)? Can I base the format of one field on the condition being met in a different field?

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