Concord Digital Camera

  roygbiv 15:20 29 Oct 2003

Forgive me if this not the right forum.
My wife wants a Digital Camera, she is hinting about this special offer that ARGOS have at the moment. Has anyone got any views ??.

Concord Eye-Q 4060 Digital Camera ?129.99 (previous in-store price ?229.99)

4M pixels , 1.5inLCD, 6*Digital Zoom, Video clips, SD compatible, 16mb SD internal memory, PC connections and charger, Includes Batteries, software and cable.

Also, When you buy the camera, 64mb memory card and leather case, for only ?169.99

  alcudia 15:38 29 Oct 2003

Never heard of it. The going rate seems to be about ?100 per megapixel up to this level, so this is very cheap. I would be concerned about results. Also don't pay any attention to digital zoom. Does it have an optical zoom?

  alcudia 15:39 29 Oct 2003

Why do pound signs keep coming up as question marks?

  Jack D 15:40 29 Oct 2003

All, or most, of your questions answered here click here

Optical zoom - waste of time.

Hope that price of ?169 includes the camera.

  GroupFC 15:43 29 Oct 2003

I don't know this camera and haven't been able to find any reviews on it.

It does seem cheap for a 4m pixel camera, and this may be an indication that other components of the camera have been compromised.

I note that it only has digital zoom (and presumably no optical zoom). It is generally reckoned that optical zoom is better, if indeed you think that you will want this at all!

If it is just going to be a "point and snap" camera it is likely to be alright, but if you are going to get into digital photography in a more serious sense, you may find it a bit limited.

Good Luck.

  GroupFC 15:49 29 Oct 2003

Now why couldn't I find that!

Surely you mean Digital Zoom - a waste of time!

Roygbiv - have a look at what Steves Digicams has to say under the review section for this camera at click here

  imarcus2 15:50 29 Oct 2003

Know it not as a camera -- but would advise against it on the omission of optical zoom. Almost all who use digital cameras find optical zooms a benefit. Digital zooms are hardly necessary, as the same effect is acheived by software in the 'dark room' anyway.

  Jack D 15:55 29 Oct 2003

Right ! DIGITAL zoom waste of time!

  Bagsey 16:02 29 Oct 2003

If you are going for a zoom camera it HAS to be Optical zoom. Digital zoom is a waste of time and money. It only results in pixellated images. Any digital zooming you may want can be done in the computer using software like Painshop Pro etc.
I would always advise that you go a buy a well recognised make with an external memory card as you will certainly want more memory to take on holiday and external memory allows the ues of a card reader which is a much more convenient way of getting your images into your computer.
I would go and LOOK in PC World and Dixons or Jessops to find the camera you want then go on the net and buy at half the price. I have seen many good buys on EBay.

  Bagsey 16:08 29 Oct 2003

Just looked in ebay a spotted this camera which is the same as one I bought for my school. A very good simple camera ideal for the beginner. I paid ?180 in Curry's 6 months ago.

click here

  GroupFC 16:29 29 Oct 2003

You don't have to buy on the net!

Jessops have a price match policy where they will try and match any price on the net. There are some conditions, which I think are:- the site must be uk-based, it must have a contact telphone number (so Jessops can check what you tell them!) and it must have the product available for immediate despatch.

Go to Jessops armed with the price you have found, and two telephone calls later (one to the website and one to HO for authorisation) and you walk out with your new toy!

I know this works because I bought my camera (a canon A70) from them at the same price as was offered at click here and I know of one other forum member who has done this!

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