Concern over virus protection

  Ian Clark 17:38 10 Feb 2004


I have McAfee virus scan, Latest version is 8, I think.

What should I do? I think this is out dated(came with the PC) because when I update the virus data, it will no longer go to the lates version.

I have been getting a few mails back from people I dont know, rejected by their virus software. I think I may be infected.

Do I upgrade my Mcafee? or bin it and go for something else?

All help appreciated.


  Jester2K 17:41 10 Feb 2004

If it is out of date then uninstall it and use AVG Free Edition click here. Widely used here...

"I have been getting a few mails back from people I dont know, rejected by their virus software. I think I may be infected. "

These MIGHT be the return from viruses sent out from ANOTHER PC but with YOUR address as the return address so whilst YOU are not infected someone else is and is sending out viruses in your name.

However you might also be infected.

  Jester2K 17:41 10 Feb 2004

Sorry that link is click here

  Belatucadrus 17:54 10 Feb 2004

Or you could use avast! 4 click here another free for home use package that's quite popular. Whatever you do, you need an antivirus that updates, there's nothing quite as useless as an AV package with last months virus signature file.

  gudda96 17:57 10 Feb 2004


No matter what AV you use(and jester is bang on with AVG) you should NEVER open an e-mail if it is not a friend or you do not recognise it.

Also download Mailwasher free, that way you can preview e-mails without opening them.

  Indigo 1 19:03 10 Feb 2004

Just a side note... uninstall all previous Anti Virus software before installing new ones to prevent compatibilty issues.

  Proxy Worm 19:09 10 Feb 2004

Sometimes if you feel unsure if you have a virus or not try free online virus scan like click here But i have avg and it has never done me wrong yet!

  Ian Clark 19:15 10 Feb 2004

Thanks for all the answers.

I will try uninstall and replace.

The one mail I got - about a server report with an attachment - I never opened, it just sat there in my inbox. Is this as good as opening it, if its downloaded automatically from my POP3 server?


  Ian Clark 19:20 10 Feb 2004

And a bit more, please.

Does AVG check e-mail?


  Jester2K 20:06 10 Feb 2004

Yes it does. Incoming and outgoing.

  Indigo 1 22:14 10 Feb 2004

It also confirms in writing at the bottom of outgoing mail that it is virus free.

And self updates as often as you like
and can be set to autorun daily and is free ... did anyone mention that ?

The best of the best as far as I'm concerned.

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