Computers a Tchibo???

  Big Big C 12:33 30 Jun 2006

Can anyone help me, I popped into Tchibo for a coffee this morning and on display next to the table was a pc base unit being advertised as a "hard drive". I'm looking for an additional pc for my teenage daughter for homework and games like the Simms, so I had a look. It seemed pretty well spec'd, with 160 gb hard drive, 512 mb ram, dvd rewriter etc and has a sempron 3000+ chip. The shop didn't have any brochures to give out, however on the back it did appear to have the name medion, although the name on the front said citon or citron.

My question is how would that cpu rate against comparable intel chips and will it be suitable for my daughter?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 30 Jun 2006

If your daughter is only using it for word processing etc., photos, DVDs the make of chip will make no difference at all and for most games it will make little noticeable difference.

Medion are well respected in the computer market and their goods tend to be very good spec and quality. It depends on how much the laptop is although I would look at Dell as well click here and if it is the £999 one that was advertised recently I would buy a Dell. For £600 you could get the Inspiron which is IMHO a better buy.



  rmcqua 13:21 30 Jun 2006

The Sempron 3000+ CPU is a perfectly good processor and will cope with pretty much anything that your daughter can throw at it. Only proviso is that, if she wishes to use it for gaming using the most modern software, then she will need to have a decent graphics card installed.

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