Computers Shuts down. I think its the RX580

  siderophobic 23:39 14 May 2017

Hi guys, I run multiple clients of a game at once and gets the cpu at 80-90% usage, gpu sais its 100% usage all the time. After launching all the clients (16 in total), it will run for about 2-3 hours and when I get back. I would see the monitor is already turned off (as if shut down) but my computer power on case is still on. I'm sure the OS is already shut down / dead since I can't access the computer via network. I have 2 units with the same specs and it happens to both of them when I launch these clients.

I checked the Event Viewer and see that i have:

General: "The System has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." Log Name: System Source: Kernel-Power Event ID: 41 Level: Critical

Please do help me as I am about to return these RX 580s, I think its them that's causing the Issue.


CPU: Intel Core i7 7700k 4.2-4.5ghz 4-core MOBO: MSI B250M Gaming Pro GPU: MSI RX 580 Gaming X Twin Frozr 8gb RAM DDR4: G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x16gb 2400 32gb CL15 (F4 2400C15D 32GVR) PSU: Seasonic G650 80+ Gold Semi Modular SSD: Samsung 750 EVO 250gb MON: LG 23 23MP68VQ LED IPS freesync frameless OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

I tried to overclock the rx 580, see if it would fix the issue and it still happens, all drivers are updated. Windows have been updated as well.

I also am monitoring the temperatures via real temp, hwmonitor so far I have the CPU Always at below 70 degrees C. GPU is always at below 50 degrees. Room is airconditioned with 24 degrees ambient temperature.

I also have another rig that uses GTX 1080, 6 core processor and I can run about 28 of these clients without anything happening. Runs smooth as silk so is it safe to assume that its the RX 580 that's causing the issue?

Thank you for anyone who might help and save me the time and money to upgrade to a GTX 1070.

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