Computer/Mouse Freezing

  Greengage 11:35 24 Jun 2004

Running Win98Se on Athlon 800 Memory 384mb Hard disc 30gb.Machine keeps freezing, sometimes immediately on boot up, others after five or fifty minutes. It is inconsistent. I have read the various threads in this Forum relating to Computer and Mouse freezing and have endeavoured to apply the suggested actions. Apart from running anti-virus, trojan and Adaware programs, I have de-fragged, cleaned registry etc: also I have checked for up-dated drivers for graphics and sound drivers ( I did have the latest already installed), un-installed and re-installed these and also removed and replaced memory modules as well as cleaning fans in PC. The problem continues. It freezes at different times and in different programs but what does seem a regular feature is when I go into Windows Explorer, the full list of programs does not always display; if it does, when I double click Programs the PC freezes leading to yet another re-boot and check disk running on re-boot. Also, if I go into My Computer and double click the C drive, no programs are shown, just the torch seeking these out. This does not happen all the time. When using PC Pitstop the PC freezes when it gets to Checking Disks - not always, just sometimes. I have carried out a thorough Scandisk but all is clear. Has any one any ideas please - I am starting to think that either my hard disk or processor is on the way out.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:56 24 Jun 2004

Try defragging. Or run in safe-mode and see what happens. What about disabling some programs that are running at startup?

  Greengage 12:28 26 Jun 2004

Sorry for the delay in coming back. I had already defragged and used disk clean-up;also the CPU & Motherboard temperatures seem OK. PC froze this morning and I re-booted in Safe Mode. It ran for about an hour before freezing although I did manager to un-freeze it avoiding the need for a forced re-boot. Does this info help and is it pointing to hard drive failure do you think?

  Greengage 15:41 23 Jul 2004

Installed new hard drive but still no change. Then installed new larger PSU but still same problem. Eventually I replaced motherboard with new processor and problem now resolved.

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