computerizing your home

  bracken13 20:01 18 Nov 2005


firstly i'm not technical so i'm not asking for great detail or anything, it was just an idea i had.

if i wanted to become 22nd century, or something, and wanted to have my computer control my alarm clock to wake me in the morning and then put the kettle and toaster on, the radio, or telly, open the curtains, all that kind of thing that you see in films, how would i do it?

as i say i'm not asking for technical stuff, just basics like a monitor that has such and such or a processor with xxxx harddrive, that sort of simple thing.

any body got any ideas???

  amonra 20:04 18 Nov 2005

Very basic, get yourself a willing slave, marry her if necessary, she can do ALL you want !!!

  007al 20:16 18 Nov 2005

many tv`s,radios,video recorders,dvd recorders have timers in them now have to program it,but you would have to do that if your pc ran would need a kettle etc made with a receiver in it,either by wire or wireless.dont know who would make it.easiest way would be to buy a plug adapter with a timer on it,like the ones you can get to turn the lights on when you`re out

  bracken13 11:41 19 Nov 2005

thanks, that's a good thought,

i don't mean about getting the wife, i think getting a husband would be more suitable for me!!

  keewaa 11:59 19 Nov 2005

Richard & Judy had a kettle that was triggered by a mobile phone call, so you could pick up the mobile and dial a kettle whenever you wanted hot water.

A simpler solution would be to buy 3 timer plugs £3 each from argos, fill your kettle and switch it on, put your toast in and press it down .... at 6:30 the switches switch on and in 5 minutes you have toast, hot water and the radio on as you stumble into the kitchen.

  chub_tor 12:02 19 Nov 2005

I suggest that you go the next Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition. They always have at least one home that is fully automatic and usually staff that will tell you what equipment is used. Personally I would hate to be reliant on any central control system as I would always fear that in the event of a failure then I would be completely stuck.

  Carbonara 12:06 19 Nov 2005

Nice solution, apart from the Toast. If you put bread in the toaster 6-8 hours previously it is going to go stale and dry out. Lack of moisture in the bread may lead to it catching fire, not what you want at 6.30 am!

  bracken13 12:41 19 Nov 2005

now guys, no need to get into a fight!! the website is just perfect thankyou very much.

  woodchip 12:58 19 Nov 2005
  woodchip 13:02 19 Nov 2005

English click here

  bracken13 13:12 19 Nov 2005

the one site i was looking at had robotic hoovers and watches that you can store files in, incrediable, as that is the other side to my question, i thought i can't ask 2 questions, that's greedy, but you lot seem to have pointed me there anyway!! (i mean small items that can do tonnes of diffent things, when am i going to find time to look at all these sites??)

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