Computerised calendar / scheduling software

  Plugg81 12:55 11 Jan 2019


I work for a small business. We have 6 engineers who all go out to different locations throughout the day servicing alarms.

At the moment we use paper diaries, which seems a bit archaic, especially when cancelling or rearranging appointments. We have to peel off stickers and rewrite the details etc. I am trying to find a computerised diary system with an app on smart phones for the engineers.

I set up multiple calendars with Outlook Exchange and it seemed to tick all the boxes but there was a major problem. You cannot search for an existing job across all of the calendars! Seems crazy. If a customer wants to cancel or change their booked appointment surely I should be able to search for their name or address and have their appointment and information pop up in the search results. Well the search results show nothing unless you happen to have the correct engineers diary selected. So you would have to select a diary and search. If there is no result select the next diary and search. If there is no result select the next diary and sear etc. This is clearly not ideal.

My question is... Does anyone know of a good computerised calendar with app that I can use for our business. I've looked at quite a few different software packages but struggling to find anything suitable. Information required per booking is Name, Address, job title, description, price etc... I want to be able to see all the engineers calendars on one screen so booking time slots is easy and rearranging jobs should be drag and drop.

Thanks in advance.

  AroundAgain 21:25 12 Jan 2019

I use Google calendar and have it on my phone, devices etc too. I don't know of any search facility on it, though. Otherwise, I would think it would work well for you.

Can your clients/workmen not tell you the date of the appt to be cancelled/postponed etc?

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