Computer won't turn on, running out of ideas

  Andrew Lister 21:11 13 Apr 2017

Hi, after some help with my PC which won't turn on. I suspect having got this far that it might be the motherboard but wanted some perspective as computers aren't really my thing.

So following some online advice I have tested my PSU and it will run with the appropriate pins shorted and I get all the correct voltages out of the pins. However once plugged back into the motherboard, nothing.

Tested the CMOS battery, find.

Tested the power button this seems to work fine in a continuity test.

Am I missing anything obvious?

Thanks in advance, Andrew

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 13 Apr 2017

Could still be PSU as checking off load doesn't tell you a lot.

Can you borrow another to try.

Just connect motherboard and leave off HDD /SSD /DVDs

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