computer wont start??

  Eddie 2425 21:09 03 Jun 2010

turned on pc all lights are flashing both pcu fan and power pack fans are running. pc monitor lights come on flashing green then go to amber. nothing on the screen, blank. monitor works tried it on another pc, did some reading changed the ram, both slots, also changed graphic cards, and also tried a different hard drive. the only thing i have'nt changed or checked is the mother board,
any one got any ideas please

  birdface 21:27 03 Jun 2010

Have you tried safe mode to see if it works on there.

  Eddie 2425 21:41 03 Jun 2010

hi buteman thanks for reply have tried restarting and constantly pressing f5 and f8 but couldnt remember which was safe mode, even tried f2 which i think is bios but still nothing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:21 03 Jun 2010

Try resetting BIOS to defaults by removing CMOS battery for 10 mins - replace and attempt to boot.

If no good try another PSU,

  birdface 22:39 03 Jun 2010

It is usually F8 or F5 as the computer starts.

  Ibanez2010 23:45 03 Jun 2010

Have you got the monitor plugged into the correct socket? There will be two, one for your gfx card and one for the onboard graphics, depending on which one is active in the bios.

  Eddie 2425 08:36 04 Jun 2010

hi thanks all tried safe mode still nothing, removed cmos battery even tried another battery, and yes the monitor is plugged in correctly its also colour coded and have just tried another psu still nothing. one minute its ok shut comp down when i next tried to start nothing, so do i now suspect motherboard in which case looks like a trip to the tip

  Tonydxb 11:37 09 Jul 2010

Ive got a problem whereas my laptop will not boot up properly. On opening itasks how id lik to start up....Safe mode, Last know good config, Normally etc etc, ive tried all of them, but it keeps bringing me back to the same screen (How id like to start up)
Im running windows XP which it tries to start (ie, scrolling bar across the screen) like its gonna work, but then back to the same screen.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  Tonydxb 11:38 09 Jul 2010

Sorry, though i was starting new thread.

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