Computer wont start

  stefan-194811 10:45 16 Oct 2005

Could anybody help ive just had to put a new psu in my friends pc, the original one was faulty cuz the red led on m/b would'nt light up. Put new 1 in and now it does but, the pc still wont start up.
i have replaced the battery check all connections.
as anybody got another idea.
its a advent 3112 with ecs L4S5MG3 m/b.


  Taff36 11:10 16 Oct 2005

Are you sure you replaced it with a like for like PSU? When you say it won`t start up what do you mean? (Do you get to a POST check? Any beeps?

  antony-332406 11:14 16 Oct 2005

ive had a simiar problem, where i was reinstalling windows, and it failed to reboot, i undone and reconnected all the connector, reseated the cards, still the same, i removed the bios battery, checked the voltage, <just under 3v>
i put the battery back in.... still no go.. rechecked connections nope...
went for a coffee, leaving it plugged in.
just for the hell of it, i pushed the power button - and it booted!
try leaving it plugged in for a while, it may help!
anyone know why?

  stefan-194811 15:23 16 Oct 2005

Are you sure you replaced it with a like for like PSU? When you say it won`t start up what do you mean? (Do you get to a POST check? Any beeps?

No i dont get anything no post boot, just dead.
I have replaced the old 250w psu with a 430w psu.

Could it be that the psu could of damaged the m/b or processor, or a fault on the computer could have caused the psu to fail.

Still need help!

  splork 16:17 16 Oct 2005

unplug everything , except perhaps the hard drive, try switching the machine on, if you still get nothing at all plug the old psu in and see if that still gets the fan working and a led or two to show

  woodchip 16:20 16 Oct 2005

It could have blown the Motherboard

  stefan-194811 17:05 16 Oct 2005

Unplug everything still nothin plug h/d in still nothing check the header panel on m/b make sure that was right with power button and thats fine.
re-seated everything.
Took battery out then tryed but the red led on m/b went off so had to put that back in.

Theres no point in putting the old psu back in as it did'nt work full stop.

I'm beinging to think that the problem lies with a fault on the m/b. On my last pc i had a short on the m/b and it caused a similar prob but it still did try and post notlike this.

Please pc god help me lol my friend is missing his comp.

  splork 17:11 16 Oct 2005

it doesnt sound very promising. have you tried a test meter on the power switch pins? if you have continuity and shorting them momentarily doesnt fire the board up, it may be bad news unfortunately

  stefan-194811 17:42 16 Oct 2005

no dont have a multimeter but my old man does and hes a test/repair engineer and im gonna get him to test it with meter.
there was a tiny white mark unerneath the cpu on m/b where the tracks run on the pcb, could'nt tell if it was scratched off or what but i carnt really see it being that because its not as if it could get scratched underneath the cpu.
Anyway of to get it tested.

Does anybody else agree that it sounds like a m/b or cpu fault?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 16 Oct 2005

Have you got the 4 pin plug in for powering the CPU?

click here top left of second picture

P4 will not boot without it although board powered (red led)

  stefan-194811 18:37 16 Oct 2005

yep the 4 pin 12v ATX power connector is plugged in.
my old man as gone to pub aswell.
looks like somebody better have a look on the net for a new m/b lol.

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