Computer won't shut down

  guesswho2 11:49 30 Nov 2006

The past couple of nights when I've tried to shut down, it gets to the stage where the screen shows "Windows is shutting down" but then hangs. It's past the stage where I can use the mouse and I can't access Task Manager so I'm not able to determine what the problem is. On the next startup Event Viewer doesn't show anything unusual so I guess it's not a serious problem, but I don't like things happening which I don't understand! Can anyone suggest what's going on?
I'm running XP with SP2, AVG, Defender, Spybot and AdAware - everything up to date.

  keef66 12:06 30 Nov 2006

Ours did that a few times recently both when shutting down, and when just logging off a user account. PC still running but nothing on the screen. No option but to hold in the power button until it shut down. No errors / messages on restart.
Ran system file check and at one point it asked for the XP cd to copy a file, and all seems fine again now.

No idea what it was.

  xania 12:42 30 Nov 2006

Sometimes, windows can take an age turning off - other times happens quite quickly. How long did you wait? WHen was the last time you defragged your HDD?

  anskyber 12:44 30 Nov 2006

A few ideas here. click here

  anskyber 12:45 30 Nov 2006

Or here. click here

  guesswho2 12:58 30 Nov 2006

To keef66 yes I had to hold in the power button. What do you mean by 'system file check'?
To xania after maybe 10 mins I switched off. It's not long since I defragged but I'll check that.
To anskyber I'll swot up these web sites!
Many thanks to all.

  Jackcoms 13:59 30 Nov 2006

This may cure it:

1- Start/Run and type Regedit
3- Click on “Control”
4- Select “Wait to kill service timeout”
5- Right click and select “Modify”
6- Set to a lower value than 2000
7- A setting of 200 will be sufficient

Normal setting is 2000 but can safely be reduced to 200 for a quick shutdown. Sometimes in PCs, including my own, an extra nought is added on to make it 20000. Not sure why this happens but when it does it leads to a very long shutdown time.

  keef66 14:10 30 Nov 2006

To do this simply go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow (note the space before the /)

Windows checks it's system files and asks you for the disk if it needs to overwrite / replace / repair any

  guesswho2 19:57 30 Nov 2006

Thanks Jackcoms, I'll have a look at that.
And thanks again to keef66.

  Killo Bite 00:47 04 Mar 2007

other customers, 4 have found this to be a problem in the last month. Only changes to their systems are Nvidia Drivers update for AGP/PCi Express, Change to F-Secure Internet Security & Windows Updates. I am between Nvidia driver update v Windows updates jan of Feb for XP Home. Oh and the Thompson SpeedTouch 330 but they have had them for a few years

I have also noticed that Thompson SpeedTouch 330 usb Broadband modems are on their machines and find if you disconnect manually from these/broadand conection icon in System tray near clock right click and disconnect then shut down problem seems to be fixed.

So tried newer Speedtouch driver from made no difference.

Would like to follow this post cos its making a lot of extra work I don't need at the moment.

I invite you to mail me off list if you would like to discuss more.

  carper 11:07 04 Mar 2007

When it's happened to me I have switched off at the mains, rebooted and run Registry Mechanic. This has usually cleared it for me. Regards Carper

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