Computer won't run properly & has lines on screen

  russmini 20:18 28 Apr 2010

I’ll try and explain the best I can. Came in on Sunday evening to find the computer in sleep mode. Went to wake it up by moving the mouse as usual and nothing happened, even after several attempts. So I pressed the on button briefly, nothing, tried that a couple of times, still nothing. Also tried touching a key on the keyboard, but it seems nothing was working, so in the end I pressed and held the ‘On’ button in until the computer switched off.
Gave it 20 seconds or so, then pressed the on button and it fired into life. However it now had 4 lots of vertical lines equally spaced across the screen, these lots consisted of the same amount/pattern of lines. I worried a little bit, so opened CCleaner and used that, and then shut the computer down properly.
When I powered it up the next time the shortcuts on the screen had moved themselves around, as though the ‘resolution’ had been messed with.
I looked into that and everything looked fine.
After a few attempts to get it working properly, I gave up.
Next day, same thing etc etc etc.
On the night, I unplugged everything and gave everything a good clean/dusting and re-seated all the components, just in case something somehow had come astray.
Unfortunately this did not solve it.
Now I’ve either got these vertical lines or lots of dots all over the screen.
Having tried a couple of things, I’m now lost as my knowledge isn’t that good unfortunately.
The computer now seems to lock up when I try to turn it on properly. It only works in Safe mode.
Can anyone offer some kind of advice as to where to start?

Thank you very much


  Technotiger 20:31 28 Apr 2010

Try a System Restore in safe mode, back to before the troubles began.

  DieSse 14:30 29 Apr 2010

Sounds very much like your graphics card has failed.

Also possible that the driver software has become corrupt. Do you have a separate graphics card, or one integrated on the motherboard?.

  russmini 18:32 29 Apr 2010


Thats kinda what i thought it might be.

It's a NVidia GeForce 8800GT. Only 18 months old, so i'd be a bit miffed if it is that.

Anyway of working out if it is that?

Could i unplug it and connect the monitor to the integrated output?

Sure you understand that, if i've worded it wrong...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 29 Apr 2010

Could i unplug it and connect the monitor to the integrated output?


But I would be tempted to reinstall the drivers first to see if that solves the problem.

  ashleycardwell94 21:54 29 Apr 2010

with my desktop, if a graphics card in inserted into the slot, the integrated graphics stop working, so just remove the graphics card and try it maybe if the first attempt failed.

  rdave13 00:23 30 Apr 2010

I think you will have to be miffed. Classic failing of the GPU.

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