computer wont power up

  shaneepoo 01:55 01 Dec 2003

can anyone give me some advise on what i blown up inside my computer as it wont power up anymore it was working ok but slow so i put another processor in it didnt work so i put the other one back in but when i press the power button the power light comes on for a few seconds then switchs off

  denis93c 06:20 01 Dec 2003

have you tried holding the delete button when restarting,this will run set up,and might help you

  stlucia 08:50 01 Dec 2003

If denis93c's suggestion doesn't work, it sounds like the PSU is not responding to the swith-on signal from the MB. That usually means the PSU is faulty but, since you've been working on the MB, it could also be a fault there. Try another PSU if you have one.

  DieSse 10:24 01 Dec 2003

Dd you change the processor without unplugging the mains cable, or switching off at the mains?

If you did you've probably blown the motherboard and/or the processor. There is still power on the system in you merely switch off from the front panel.

Holding down the del key won't help if the system won't even switch on.

Make sure the processor fan is connected to the right fan connector - otherwise the motherboard may think it's failed, and switch off right away.

  shaneepoo 14:35 01 Dec 2003

thanks to all who as give there suggestions still got the same problam to dieSse yes the power cable was unpluged before i took out the processor iam new to computers so some computer lingos i dont understand so i will try to give you the best discriptsion of what computer ive got its a packard bell hard drive seagate 8.4gbytes procssor is a intel celeron the numbers on it are fv524rx500 128 sl3fy malay l939o513-0491 the socket is a (pga370) if i put the power on and try an switch the computer on the power like comes on for a few seconds then switchs off the fan goes around for the same amount off time then stops then if i unplug the mains and then plug it back in the same happens with the power switch and the fan so ive got power coming from the power pack but sometink is cutting it off from the powerback to the motherboard i think any suggestion would be gratefull

Double and triple check all the litle plugs from your psu to the motherboard.These are the little ones labelled LED/Pwr sw/ reset sw/ etc. Using your motherboard manual make sure they are plugged in the right way, paying particular attention to the ground wires.

  plankton 16:20 01 Dec 2003

How did you handle the boards when you were taking them out, and putting them in, and where did you put the board when it was out of the PC??

  shaneepoo 02:48 02 Dec 2003

to electron my led/pwr sw/reset sw etc is joined by a block with the wires alredy in there not seprate wires for each thing so i would assume they where right as the comuter use to start up until i put another processor in which didnt work and now to plankton reply ok mate just to let you no i havent taken the board out or handled it the only thing ive taken out or handled is the sqaure thing with spikes under the fan which goes into a socket i think its what they call the processer if not iam sorry ive got it wrong

  Djohn 03:10 02 Dec 2003

When the PC starts up, does the fan at the rear of the PC spin round? [The fan on the power unit itself.]

When you changed the Processor did you have to unplug the small cable that connects the fan to the motherboard?

On putting the old processor back in, did you clean the underneath of the heatsink and apply new paste? [The heatsink is the big mettle block that sits on the processor, then the fan goes on top of that.]

  Jean-Luc Picard 05:00 02 Dec 2003

As an alternative to pressing delete as you start up try pressing the insert key. I think Djohn may have a point about the assembley of the heatsink and processor. Your system is likely to be shutting down in an attempt to prevent damage possibly due to overheating. Try reassembling your heatsink, fan and processor. Check no pins have been damaged on the processor and reseat in your motherboard.

  shaneepoo 07:42 02 Dec 2003

hi mate ive just took the fan and the heatsink there is no paste on the heatsink its just got a silver square in the middle looks like a sticky pad

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