computer won't load up

  blacksamurai 18:59 05 Oct 2004

My PC running AMD Athlon 1.1GHz wasn't starting, so i opened it to c what v problem was i found that v power supply board had a burn on it, i think due 2 a power surge. i replaced it with a new one of a slightly improved spec. But the same problem still occurs i can't access BIOS using del key, memory check runs instead of being instant and an error message about the (Sec slave drive occurs) it does not respond to keyboard either.

Any help much appreciated ASAP please, i really need my PC, thanks.

  Jackcoms 19:05 05 Oct 2004

What is a "v power supply board"?

  blacksamurai 20:10 05 Oct 2004

It was previously running 230V 300Watts 50 hertz, i changed it to a new 230V 450Watts 50hertz

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