computer won't boot to window, stuck at bio screen

  jj hu 07:57 25 Feb 2018

So I recently bought a new power supply, and replaced the old one. When I finished I restart the computer and got to the MSI bio screen, I set everything to default, and exited the bio, but every time I do that, the computer boot back to the bio screen, instead of boot to the window screen. When I press F8, the screen says no profile to load.

  Jollyjohn 09:09 25 Feb 2018

Double check all connections, you have possibly disturbed the data lead to your hard drive. Is hard drive listed in BIOS?

  jj hu 05:23 26 Feb 2018

it is connected to the hard drive according to bio; in my boot priority uefi hard disk is listed as the first one;

  KEITH 1955 08:58 26 Feb 2018

what make is your pc , before going custom built I have some Packard bell pc's , I could get different boot menus etc to come up by tapping f5 at power up but the manuals did not state this , I found out through geek chats.

  Jollyjohn 15:38 26 Feb 2018

I would suggest downloading a version of Linux and burn it to a CD / DVD and boot from it. Run as a "live" system - Do Not Install. This will then enable you to view your SSD and copy data off to another drive.

Then use a Windows disc, you don't mention which Windows you are using, to run a repair of your system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 26 Feb 2018

does the problem occur when you type your password and press Enter at the Windows log-on screen?

  jj hu 18:17 26 Feb 2018

I can't get to window, the computer only boot to bios screen, and it stuck there. How should I put it, it is almost like a loop, you save and exit the bios, only to get back to bios screen.

  jj hu 18:19 26 Feb 2018

I am using window 10;

  jj hu 18:19 26 Feb 2018

my custom pc doesn't have a cd/dvd holder;

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 26 Feb 2018

But does the HDD show in the BIOS?

I think you need to check the power and data cadles to your HDD.

  jj hu 19:28 26 Feb 2018

Yes, the HDD is connected, its in the boot menu, and photo of that is on top;

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