Computer wont boot with secondary hard drive

  asomatous 09:01 12 Apr 2006


Just wondering if anyone had any advice on an issue I have.
Last week I turned my PC on and there was a pop and the smell of smoke and the computer would not power up.
I figured it was the power supply unit and got a new one. I replaced the psu and wired everything up again. The PC still would not start.
After a process of elimination, it turns out that when the secondary hard drive has power to it, the PC wont start at all. If I remove the power cable from it, the computer starts fine and works no problems.
Nothing has changed apart from me putting a new psu in and I have checked and the drive is still wired up correctly etc. The drive is a seagate and I bought it a few months ago as I was running out of space.
Any ideas what could be wrong? Has the hard drive been fried and if so how can I recover the data from it?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 12 Apr 2006

Will the drive work on one of the other channels - say instead of an optical drive?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:22 12 Apr 2006

PS If it has [quote]been fried[/quote] you will find it difficult to get the data off it.

  asomatous 09:29 12 Apr 2006

I haven't tried to wire it up differently yet, I haven't changed any of the cables etc other than the ones from the new psu.
What do you mean by another channel, swapping the ide cable (is that what its called?) over?
Currently the second hard drive is set up as a slave.
I just don't get how it could be working and now it wont! Why would the computer not do anything when it has power cable pluged into it?

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