Computer won't boot from any device

  wednesday 13 18:11 20 Sep 2011

Hi, I recently attempted to install Windows 98 on my computer, but after formatting my second hard drive for the installation, it wouldn't format it without a floppy disk, which I don't have. So I quit the installation and tried to install Ubuntu and Windows xp, but both failed the installation. On my last attempt to install XP, the computer restarted to run the setup, but after the bios screen, nothing happened. I have tried booting both Hard Disks and from the DVD drive again but all I get is a black screen and now the one hard drive isn't showing as an option.

Is my motherboard done for or is there a way to revive my computer.

Thanks, Jake

  torver 18:56 20 Sep 2011

Hi Jake Can you get into the bios setup screen to see whether the motherboard sees your drives?? Chipeater

  wednesday 13 18:59 20 Sep 2011

Hi, yes, the computer sees the dvd drive and the one hard drive (that I didn't attempt to install xp on)

  torver 19:00 20 Sep 2011

Hi When you try to install XP does it take you into the setup screen or does nothing happen?

  wednesday 13 19:05 20 Sep 2011

It finnished copying setup files and restarted the computer to begin installation, but since then all I get is a black screen after the bios, whether I leave the computer to boot on its own or if I select a device to boot from.

Also, if it helps, it doesn't seem to crash as it will turn off with just a press of a power button, instead of having to hold it down

  torver 19:09 20 Sep 2011

Did you get an option to format the disk? if not then try re-installing XP after formatting the disk with the option in the setup screen.

  wednesday 13 19:18 20 Sep 2011

Yes, the disk formatted then extracted the setup files. Now i can't even boot any dvd to re-format or delete the partition, i just get the black screen after I choose to boot the dvd

  torver 19:56 20 Sep 2011

Is it a sata drive or a pata drive?

  torver 20:02 20 Sep 2011
  wednesday 13 20:13 20 Sep 2011

Hi, thanks for the link, i found a similar thread (though i think it was just a copy and paste of this) and the problem is, I cant even boot the xp cd to fix any of these problems. The HDD that is missing is SATA and the one that's still present is IDE

  torver 21:04 20 Sep 2011

XP does need 3rd party drivers for sata

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