computer wont boot

  al7478 19:14 02 Oct 2008

hi folks, ive got a dell 5150, just over 2 years old. for a couple of weeks it has needed to be booted again about 10 mins after the first attempt, and it has turned on, but it took many more atempts yesterday, and today it wont boot at all, i just get the orange flashing light.

ive googled, and some suggest it could be due to a new surge protector i have. ive looked at the mobo and there's no obvious damage, but my local pc store rekon thats a strong possibility. some reccommend checking the pins on the usb connections, but im not that confident with these things. a mate rekons it could just be the button, but that this couldnt be established without putting it all into another case.

it is still under warranty, so ill call them tommorrow, but just wondered what people think...?

  chub_tor 19:22 02 Oct 2008

If it is under warranty just send it back.

  al7478 19:26 02 Oct 2008

itll be interesting to see how that works out actually. i suspect theyll make me jump through hoops over the phone before theyll send someone out.

i dread having to send it somehwere, but if needs must...

  Terminus90 21:01 02 Oct 2008

send it back mate, tampering will only void your warranty.

  al7478 21:09 02 Oct 2008

if, say, it needs a new mobo and they do this for me, what implications does that have for the contents of my hdd (dont tell me i should have backed up - i know)...? The only way i can think of saving it (and it must be saved) is if i take the hdd out before hand and transfer the data to another drive, if i still cant boot it.

if i do get it back on ill back everything up of course, and not add anything significant until the issue is sorted. ill probsbly leave it on too.

  al7478 21:10 02 Oct 2008

as i wouldnt really know how, that should have said. sorry. pressed enter too soon for some silly reason.

  bluto1 21:29 02 Oct 2008

Just had a thought that taking the hard drive out could be construed as "tampering".

  baldydave 21:33 02 Oct 2008

look inside pc are the capacitors bulging or leaking on the motherboard, this is common on dell boards if so new board required.
capacitors look like this
click here

  al7478 21:44 02 Oct 2008

i dont think theres any sign of that but will look again later, so thanks for the suggestion. in another thread here mentioned the little round battery may need cleaning...

  al7478 13:37 03 Oct 2008

And finally it decideds to boot - it doesnt boot while the orange light is flashing, as far as i can tell, and its taken a day or so for it to stop!

im going to leave it running while i do some scans and back things up, then call dell. If it stays on then backup wont involve any tampering, just transferring stuff to external hdd.

i was just going to back up files and folders i reallly dont want to lose, but if anyone could tell me if backing up email stiings and internet settings and the like is easy too...?

i guess i have to accept that there will be a number of progs that i have to set up from scratch once its fixed, if indeed it involves a hardware problem.

  woodchip 14:09 03 Oct 2008

My guess is a faulty PSU

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