Computer won't boot

  david-338461 13:15 03 Jul 2006

I have an aging PC with AMD Duron fitted to a PC chips board running Win 98. We only use it for office apps so it is adequate.
However the machine is now giving a problem. On start-up, particularly if it is a restart to fix a software bug,the unit hangs right at the start. I get a beep followed by the sound of a disc whirring and then another beep. This sequence keeps repeating. I have checked power connectors, memory and other chips and they are all secure. If I leave the PC for 30 minutes or so it will usually start OK, but I'm concerned that one day it will freeze altogether.
The only thing I have done recently is change the pwer supply for one of the same rating after the original packed up.

Does anyone have any sugesstions as to what the problem is?

  recap 13:28 03 Jul 2006

The new power pack may be faulty?

  woodchip 13:49 03 Jul 2006

In Windows Double click "MyComputer" right click C:\ click tools click scandisk and tick the box to auto repair. Do a full scan. Also clear out your Temp folder in Windows Explorer C:\Windows\Temp

Also clear cookies Up above still in Windows Folder.

Then back in tools where you did scandisk, run defrag this will take some time. If they will not keep running, Do it in Safe Mode by keep pressing F5 as windows starts

  david-338461 23:09 08 Jul 2006

Thanks Woodchip. I haven't been able to access the internet for a while. I'll try you fix and report how things go.

  david-338461 13:54 11 Jul 2006

Tried the fix suggested by Woodchip, but no difference. The computor aappears to be hanging before it even reads the hard disk. The floppy disk light come on and stays on. If I put a disk in the drive, the PC bleeps like mad. I guess tthat it is the floppy drive that is at fault ...unless somebody knows different?

  woodchip 13:57 11 Jul 2006

Have you a spare Power Supply that you can try in the computer?

  woodchip 13:59 11 Jul 2006

And what is the Computer like if you start in Safe Mode does it start OK. To try just keep pressing F5 as computer starts

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