computer won t boot

  andrew-196854 20:45 20 Jul 2006

i am trying to sort a mates computer out,the problem is that it will not boot up all i get is the cpu fan running, nothing on screen , this is what i have tried so far changed the power supply still the same. disconected hard drive from motherboard still the same. removed memory ,also disconected dvd drives any ideas thanks ps the computer is only 3 years old

  FatboySlim71 20:49 20 Jul 2006

Can you hear the hard drive spinning when you switch the PC on. Could be the graphics card, have you checked this

  andrew-196854 20:52 20 Jul 2006

cannot hear hard drive spinning, onboard graphics?

  FatboySlim71 21:03 20 Jul 2006

So I take it that you PC has an onboard/built into the motherboard graphics chip, it doesnt have seperate removable graphics card.

  andrew-196854 21:09 20 Jul 2006

sorry yes it does have onboard graphics

  FatboySlim71 21:15 20 Jul 2006

I see that you have already changed the power supply, thats what I would have suggested next. Could the changed power supply be faulty, I know it sounds unlikely but just a suggestion. Other than that I am struggling to think what could be wrong. If there is a small local computer shop in your area it may be worth taking it in for them to have a look at, just ask them for an estimate before they actually carry out any work. Sorry I can't be anymore help.

  andrew-196854 21:19 20 Jul 2006

ok thanks for your replies

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