Computer wiped clean!! HELP!!

  Alien Life Form 00:14 22 Jul 2007

My computer has been completely wiped. All folders still remain, including all sub folders in My Documents, but they're all empty!! Even the folders for my IE favourate places still remain but they are empty. It's all gone.

I restarted my computer and the old logon screen appeared (instead of the list of usernames you have to type your own username in). In the logon box it had the following message;

"The security logon for this computer is full. Only administrators can logon to fix the problem"

I logged on to the main administrator account (because I couldn't remember my username) but then when I tried to switch it said "This computer is locked only "main administrator" can unlock this computer".

I restarted and managed to logon (having retrieved my screen name) and it worked but all folders are still empty. I can't even use sytem restore because that folder is empty.

No other users can logon at all as they are not administrators.

What could have caused this and what should I do? Please help!!

  brundle 00:16 22 Jul 2007

I hope this helps; click here

Your files are most likely still there, just screened from you by Windows

  brundle 00:19 22 Jul 2007

If you need to reset the admin password; click here
Don't use it on any account that has employed EFS encrypytion

  Jak_1 00:22 22 Jul 2007

As an aside, did you backup your important data files?
Thanks for that info brundle, I've pasted that into a notepad file incase it happens to me and saved it on another drive and a cd.

  Alien Life Form 17:09 23 Jul 2007

Thanks for your responce. I know the password for the main administrator, and I'm also an administrator myself.
I don't understand it, I went into add/remove programs & all programs are still listed there but I can't get into them. There are no icons & all folders are empty.
I tried reinstalling a program from disc but it said it was already installed, I clicked repair but the folder for the program is still empty!
What could it be?

  howard64 17:30 23 Jul 2007

if you have the xp cd you could boot from it and when you get the option to repair press r and let it repair xp. You could also try sfc /scannow from a command prompt.

  brundle 17:39 23 Jul 2007

Try this; click here
or this;
click here

A space in the error message (`log on`, not `logon`) turned up different solutions

  Alien Life Form 17:44 23 Jul 2007

I don't have an XP CD, we weren't given one with the PC so I can't do either suggestion. Is that the only option for me? Do you know what could have caused this? And why all programs are still listed in Add/remove programs and all folders still there as if they are still on the PC but I can't access them?

I could get into Microsoft Word Processer when I first restarted because the icon was still in the most recently used programs list on the start menu. That too has now gone.
It seemed the programs are still there, and I can access them through an icon. But because all folders are empty and icons are gone I can't.

However, other programs who's icons I have set to permanently remain in the most recently used list I cannot access. A message comes up saying "The file or folder 'name of file/folder' that this shortcut rerfers to cannot be found"

Hope you can help!!

  howard64 17:49 23 Jul 2007

this is begining to sound as though the hard disk is coming to its end. I have had other strange occurences like this the end result being the hard disk being replaced. As for not having the xp disk if you google xp/sfc without disk there are instructions for running sfc without needing the disk. Is it possible for you to take the drive out and get it put into another pc as a slave? you may then be able to read it and recover your files.

  brundle 18:00 23 Jul 2007

My posts don't need the XP CD.

  Alien Life Form 19:26 23 Jul 2007

Thank you so much for your replies.

brundle - I already changed the security log setting but nothing changed. I think it might be a seperate issue to everything getting wiped because the error message appeared for a non-administrator a week previously. Do you think it might be connected? Do you know what could cause all folders (except C:/Windows & the main admministrator's 'My Documents' folder) to become empty even though all programs are still listed in the registry and in Add/remove programs?

howard64 - the PC is only 2 years old, could there really be problems? I have tried running sfc without a disc previously and it didn't work. Any ideas.

When everything got wiped I was trying to use a program called AV-CLS and clicked on a file called KIX32.EXE by mistake. Could this have done anything?

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