computer will not start

  SimoneT 16:33 11 Jun 2005

Help someone please!!! For whatever reason my computer will not start.I used it yesterday and it worked fine with no indication that there was a problem. I went to switch it on and nothing! I have checked all connections, they are fine. I tried forcing a re-boot by holding in the on button, again nothing is happening. I can hear the cooling fan working and both the red and green lights are on. I hope someone out there can help me resolve this.

  howard60 16:50 11 Jun 2005

are there any beeps?

  DieSse 16:54 11 Jun 2005

Beeps (let us know if there are, and how many, or the pattern)or no beeps this means a significant problem.

Before we start, how confident are you about going inside the box - and is it under warranty?

  SimoneT 16:55 11 Jun 2005

No beeps whatsoever

  SimoneT 16:56 11 Jun 2005

No longer under warranty, my husband is pretty confident in going into the box as we have upgraded memory before.

  howard60 16:59 11 Jun 2005

is it possible for you to connect a different monitor and pc to that monitor. I have known pcs to give no beeps when the video card has failed. No beeps can also indicate that the power supply has failed even though you can hear the fan running. It would be worth opening the box and pressing home all the power supply cables.

  DieSse 17:00 11 Jun 2005

OK -

Are you sureish that it's not just the monitor - bear in mind there is normally a single beep if everything is OK.

After that the common things that cause these symptoms are

faulty RAM

faulty motherboard

faulty Power supply

in roughly that order - it can be other things, but less likely.

So you've got to try and eliminate things one by one.

First, if you've got two RAM modules, you can try staring with only one - each one in turn.

Make sure you switch off power at the mian before moving anything inside the box.

  SimoneT 17:00 11 Jun 2005

No beeps

  SimoneT 17:03 11 Jun 2005

Ok guys will try and get husband to open box tonight and ensure all power cables are ok and then check the RAM etc . Using some elses computer and connection at the moment so will let you know if any progress on Monday when in work with working computers! Thanks for responding so quickly.

  tomleady 17:15 11 Jun 2005

my mum had a problem like this and it was a problem with the monitor.

do you have a keyboard with shortcuts to a music player?

or does your windows play a tune when it starts?

my mums did but we couldnt see anything. turns out the monitor was stuffed. happended over night too! it was a very old and very poor monitor though.

  SimoneT 22:14 13 Jun 2005

Thanks everyone for trying to help. This morning when we turned on the computer to once more check on whether we had any beeps at all the machine decided to work again! No sign of it ever having gone wrong apart from the scan disk taking place. Not sure why this is, but don't think it's the monitor as not very old. Anyhow, thanks again and hopefully I won't have this problem again.

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