Computer will not shut down!

  maverick1 12:19 18 Nov 2003

When shutting down the computer does a restart instead and stays on, bios is up to date and settings are as they always have been, also windows power options are correct.

it does this for all users so it is not a Hkey current user config error and I can't find any other registry refernce.

Shut down is achieved only by letting windows shut down and going back to POST then hitting the power on/off button, (with the bios 4 second delay cutting in) So the actuak switch works then.

Can anyone answer this while I still have hair?

My programable download manager can't shut down the system either,

  Rtus 12:36 18 Nov 2003

Post the O/S your using please..

  maverick1 12:47 18 Nov 2003

XP Pro

  Rtus 12:50 18 Nov 2003

unit supplied as is or an self upgrade from another O/s ?

  ©®@$? 12:55 18 Nov 2003

it seems your getting a system failure at shutdown and it is causing the machine to restart

you can stop the compter restarting from a system error by doing the following

click start/

right click my computer/properties/advanced tab

startup and recovery

take the tick out of system restart

great site to help you troubleshoot the problem click here

  powerless 13:12 18 Nov 2003

It is a great site, the guy who did all that posts om MSDN i just seen him provide a link.

  maverick1 15:18 18 Nov 2003

Disabling restart on system failure doesn't change anything, also all drivers are up to date and (supoposedly) Win XP drivers, also won't shut down from safe mode with not a lot of drivers loaded.

Hveing been through the above web site and checked of every point I'll end this forum shortly with an unresolved answer.

  Rtus 16:29 18 Nov 2003

Did you buy the machine with XP on or did you upgrade it ???

  maverick1 17:49 18 Nov 2003

New Instalation by me nothing out of the ordinary or unusual,also reinstalled as repair to try and fix in desperation, no change.

  rioboy 18:27 18 Nov 2003

Have had this problem on 2 builds. Both times reboot was being caused by an internal modem.

Have a look in MSCONFIG to see if there's anything with a exe extension running.

  maverick1 01:24 19 Nov 2003

Problem solved and sheepishly I have to admit it was answered in the second reply with the web site for shut down problems.

For anyone interested it was resolved by the bios screen options "power management" and selecting "fail safe ddefaults", nothing changes on the page but behind the scenes something obviously does as it now shuts down.

For completeness selecting optimal settings brings the problem back and downloading new flash bios from gigabyte web site and installing does not change this.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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