Computer will not power up

  tonynoarm 22:27 28 Jun 2007

My friends computer will not power up. I have checked if a fuse is present in the psu but unfortunately it does not have one. I have by passed the on-off switch to check if this was fauly - all to no avail. An after thought is has it been affected by lightening? Where do I start ? !

  Strawballs 22:32 28 Jun 2007

Have you checked the fuse in the power lead itself?

  skidzy 22:34 28 Jun 2007

I can speak from experience regarding a blown mobo and psu from a power surge possibly linked to lightening.

Your best bet is now a matter of elimination.

If you can get hold of a working psu,try try this first.

  mrwoowoo 22:35 28 Jun 2007

this looks interesting.
click here

  skidzy 22:42 28 Jun 2007

Tony if you have a local Maplins store near you,this is a handy piece of kit to have click here

Could save the outlay of a new psu.Just an idea and can be bought cheaper if you shop around.

  tonynoarm 22:43 28 Jun 2007

Power lead is fine. I did have a spare psu but the motherboard connection was different so could not try this approach. Followed the flow chart and this takes me to 'try drive in test pc' - what ever that means!

Thanks for your suggestions so far.

Could a lightening strike damage more than the psu? I would hate to tell them to buy a new one and find that did not cure the problem. How much damage could be done?

  tonynoarm 22:44 28 Jun 2007

skidzy - that could be a reasonable starting point - not expensive either!

  skidzy 22:47 28 Jun 2007

" Could a lightening strike damage more than the psu? "

Yes a lightening could do,happened to me and blew the motherboard last year.
Though it did give an insight of how to rebuild the pc,this i done and its still going strong.

problem you have now,is diagnosing the fault.Like ive said,try the psu first as this could be the cheapest option over a new mobo.

  mrwoowoo 22:49 28 Jun 2007

think it means to pop the hard drive into another pc to see if it still spins.

  tonynoarm 22:50 28 Jun 2007

Thanks again skidzy - I did not understand the term mobo, it is now obvious!

  tonynoarm 22:52 28 Jun 2007

even if the HDD had failed wouldn't the pc still attempt to boot up but say 'HDD not found'?

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