Computer will not boot up.

  zeusrealm 21:43 31 Dec 2016

Ok, heres one for you. About a week ago my pc abruptly shutdown, I initially thought we had a power cut (we didn't) while browsing the web. Since then after that my pc wont boot, fans turn, no power button light (nothing), no beep codes. Tried the removing components and booting and nothing (fans spin, no light on power button), HDD's (2) move, took out and put back in cmos button. Cpu does not heat up (at all). This and no power button light from what I read on other forum posts on other websites led me to getting a new motherboard assuming it was that, based on replies to a post I saw that had very similar issues to mine. That didn't work, still same issue. Motherboard I bought came with cpu, switched cpu and same result. With no beep codes, removing components and booting with nothing, and fans spinning, I am lost as to what it is.

  Archonar 21:23 02 Jan 2017

Glad you sorted it, maybe mark that last post of yours as the answer for anyone else with the same issue?

  zeusrealm 14:26 03 Jan 2017

One last thing, with a now 150W less power, what will know happen? Old psu: 450W current: 300W.

  Belatucadrus 14:44 03 Jan 2017

what will know happen?

Difficult to tell without knowing the full spec of your PC and a list of all peripherals plugged in to it that may be drawing power but as it's working OK now the short answer is probably nothing.

I'd still swap it out for one of 450Watt capacity and return the 300W to store just to be sure.

  Forum Editor 16:27 03 Jan 2017

"what will know happen?"

Are you using a separate graphics card, or the motherboard's graphics processor? If you have a separate graphics card, and you play games, that is when the card is likely to become power-hungry. A lot depends on the card.

  zeusrealm 16:36 03 Jan 2017

Ok, I have found out what I needed. Thanks everyone.

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