Computer will not boot up.

  zeusrealm 21:43 31 Dec 2016

Ok, heres one for you. About a week ago my pc abruptly shutdown, I initially thought we had a power cut (we didn't) while browsing the web. Since then after that my pc wont boot, fans turn, no power button light (nothing), no beep codes. Tried the removing components and booting and nothing (fans spin, no light on power button), HDD's (2) move, took out and put back in cmos button. Cpu does not heat up (at all). This and no power button light from what I read on other forum posts on other websites led me to getting a new motherboard assuming it was that, based on replies to a post I saw that had very similar issues to mine. That didn't work, still same issue. Motherboard I bought came with cpu, switched cpu and same result. With no beep codes, removing components and booting with nothing, and fans spinning, I am lost as to what it is.

  wee eddie 22:01 31 Dec 2016

PSU may have failed

  alanrwood 11:05 01 Jan 2017

That would be my next option.

  zeusrealm 13:27 01 Jan 2017

I thought that a possibility, but the fans and hdd would spin with a failed psu?

  Burn-it 16:48 01 Jan 2017

They use 12v. The 5v circuit may have blown

  bumpkin 18:52 01 Jan 2017

PSU in my opinion and yes fans would spin and possibly many other things until it hit its fail point.

  bumpkin 19:26 01 Jan 2017

A long shot but worth checking as I have encountered this. A damaged USB port can trip the thermal overload in a PSU causing it to shut down after fans have started or whenever it senses the problem.

  zeusrealm 13:54 02 Jan 2017

So what, just plug all the stuff in without anything usbs?, how would I check if it is a damaged usb port, or navigate around it until something can be done about it. (if it was a damaged usb port, then I would assume switching to the newly bought motherboard would have corrected that).

  Archonar 15:11 02 Jan 2017

Could be a bad case usb port I guess, try unplugging all the usb cables from the case and use only the ports on the motherboard and see if that helps?

  bumpkin 16:37 02 Jan 2017

Have a look in the case ports with a torch for anything like a bent connector. Unlikely to be this but no cost involved, you don't want to buy a new PSU and still have the issue.

  zeusrealm 19:26 02 Jan 2017

Hi. Ok, it was the psu. I had a spare one that was given to me for another pc, but since someone mentioned it, I tried it out, and it worked. Booted back up. I may get another psu for this as this one has a lower output then the stock one and would like to remain with the performance I had.

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