Computer will not Boot

  Saltomon 10:30 15 Apr 2006

When I switch on my computer I get a message
"invalid boot.ini file"
"Booting from c:/windows"

Help please!

  VoG II 10:42 15 Apr 2006
  Belatucadrus 10:44 15 Apr 2006
  Saltomon 14:34 15 Apr 2006

Thank you both VoG and Belatucadrus.

The boot.ini error message has now gone but the message now is "Windows did not start successfully"
I have tried all the options available. "normally" and "last known good configuration" take me back to "Windows did not start successfully" and the others take me nowhere.

Any more ideas?

  alan227 14:39 15 Apr 2006

Have you tried booting into safe mode to see if you can access system restore.

  VoG II 14:40 15 Apr 2006

Try a repair click here

  Saltomon 15:41 15 Apr 2006

I can't access Safe Mode

  Saltomon 10:25 17 Apr 2006

I am still going round in circles.
When I switch on I get the message "Windows did not start successfully....." and whichever option I select I go round the loop and back to the same screen ad infinitum.

Can anyone help me please?

  billyliv 11:51 17 Apr 2006

Hi, I had exactly the same problem some time ago. The hard drive (Maxtor) was failing. The test program for maxtor drives confirmed the drive as failing. I had no option but to replace it. Cheers, Bill

  Saltomon 13:34 17 Apr 2006


How do I test the drive as I can't load Windows?

  billyliv 23:54 18 Apr 2006

Hi Saltomon, I can only advise about 'Maxtor' Hard drives. If your hard drive is a 'Maxtor' go to the Maxtor website and download the diagnostic tools required to test your hard drive. Put the diagnostics onto floppy, or CD. Then, On your faulty computer enter the Bios and set the boot sequence to Floppy or CD/ROM. Put the floppy or CD/ROM in and start your computer. Your faulty computer will start from the floppy or CD/Rom. You can then run the tests by following the prompts. If you can get the serial No. of your hard drive it will also tell you if the warranty is still in force. If it is, Maxtor will replace it. Cheers, Bill

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