computer will not boot up.

  KWAKI 18:10 07 Jun 2005

Hi ,i wander if anyone can help. A friend unplugged and moved his computer to another room for a few days while he re-decorated but when he moved it back and plugged it all back together and switched it on ,it would'nt boot up.

He said it just gives a blank screen with the message 'system failure, please insert boot disc and press enter '

The problem is that he never had a boot disc or any other discs with his computer when he bought it ( its a HP Pavillion......he thinks its a 420? ) ,so he can't do that.

The only thing anyone at work has come up with is that the motherboard battery might be flat ,is this possible? The only other thing i should mention is that he recently had a second hard drive and more ram fitted at a shop.

Does anyone know a way around this? Thanks for any replies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 07 Jun 2005

System Failure means the Pc vcnnot find an operationg system on the hard disk.

The most likely problem is theat during the move the cables in the rear of the hard disk have come loose.

The IDE cable (ribbon) or power cable needs to be fully inserted in the drive and at the motherboard end. This site shows some pictures, Replace a HDD (fitting only)
click here

  KWAKI 18:58 07 Jun 2005

I'll tell him to have a look ,although he does'nt like taking the side off it. Do you think it could be that simple to fix?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 07 Jun 2005

Unplug power cable from rear

Ground yourself on a metal radator to eart yourself and getrid of excess static.

remove screws and side cover.

just check security of cables by pussng fimly into rear of drive and at motherboard end.

This is the most likely fault if the PC has been moved.

However if the PC was moved will running then the HDD could have been damaged internally.

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