Computer Uprgades! help!

  dac2000_uk 11:33 08 Aug 2003

I have recently purchased two old pentium one systems, they are old and slow and I want to improve them a little. They both have small hard drives (under 1.5 gb) and low RAM (as little as 16mb!!) I'm wanting to improve them a little but I dont know what to imrpove, should I put a new hard drive in? Should I add memory? Should I change the motherboard or processor? I would also like to know what my limits as, for example would a bigger better hard drive work with an old processor?? Would changing the components cause any problems?

  Smiler 11:39 08 Aug 2003

You would have a limit on the hard drive size due to the old motherboard. The type of memory for such an old motherboard may not even be available anymore other than either second hand or comp fairs. If you change the motherboard you will probably find the new board will not fit in your case. You would have the same problem finding a processor as the memory. Might be better to cut your losses and buy new or put up with a slow computer and not expect too much of it.

  dac2000_uk 12:15 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for that. I guess I'll keep the computers and use them for word processing and basic jobs and get a new computer for games/the internet etc. They are okay for simple jobs and there hard drives are only half full so I guess they will be okay for what I will be using them for. have you any reccomendations for buying new?

  Smiler 14:51 09 Aug 2003

Sorry haven't responded sooner been out and about.
As far as recomendations go you need to buy the best you can afford from a reputable dealer (maybe local as if you get any probs you can go back and sort it). If you feel really adventuroius you could build your own but no safety net if it goes wrong. Did it myself last year and when it started up it was a great buzz. I have friends who have bought from PCWorld and are completely satisfied as well as friends who have bought from local computer shop. I t's a decision you will have to make yourself. Good luck and enjoy what ever you decide.

  dac2000_uk 15:22 09 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot smiler, I'm going to check out a few computer stores this weekend hopefully and decided which to go for. I have used PC world in the past and I have to admit they are quite good however they only seem to stock basic machines so maybe I will have a look at local shops where they build their own. Anyway, I'll look around, Thanks for all your help.

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