Computer upgrade advice

  pac-man 11:57 22 Jul 2007

Hello everyone.

I've decided to spend a little cash on upgrading my computer. When I say little I mean little, I only have around 100 pounds to spend.

My current computer system is:

ASRock 939S56-M Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
512mb PC2100 DDR-SDRAM
Nvidia 7300 GS 256mb
80GB hard drive

A pretty slow machine as you can see.

My main priority is the RAM, I have too little and its too slow. I believe my Motherboard can take a maximum of DDR400, so I plan on getting 1 GB of crucial DDR400 for around 35 pound. Should I be getting 2 GB instead?

Also, I overclocked my CPU to 2.4 GHZ but found it ran at too high temperatures, so I lowered it to 2.1 Ghz. So with my remaining money left after buying the RAM I was planning on getting a better cooling device so I can overclock it safely, is this a good idea? And also, I have no clue about cooling devices, can anyone recommend one?

Another question is would it be worth buying another 7300 GS and running two? Would I notice a performance increase? They are pretty cheap too.

I would like to get 1 GB RAM, a good cooling device and another 7300 GS for under 100 pound, do you agree with this upgrade?

Thanks for your time.

  DJfree33 12:23 22 Jul 2007

Try this link, may help you click here

  Armchair 13:21 22 Jul 2007

You might as well get 2 x 1GB DDR 400.

Forget about the seond 7300 GS. Naff card, anyway, and SLI won't make much difference to most games. Howk it out and slap in one of these, instead:-

click here

  umbongo(uk) 15:54 22 Jul 2007

click here
its oem ,just means using your fan/heatsink on it

click here

click here

just the ram n a card + new heatsink
diff card
click here


you dont really need to upgrade your cpu as youve clocked it to 3800 speed
like you say a good heatsink
click here
please note these fans are monsters size wise and also very cool my 3800 clocked @2.6 dont go above 45 on load

the above is just an idea , shop around there may be better price,s

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