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  mfmb 18:30 21 Jan 2003
  mfmb 18:30 21 Jan 2003

I want to upgrade my P3 800mhz to a better faster machine.

Can somebody please advise me as to the most reliable processor type - Pentium 4 - 2ghz plus or AMD Athlon XP 2ghz plus??

I am not really into gaming but do create graphics for presentations and use MS Visio for Client applications.

I also save a considerable amount of data on disks and memory sticks.

My possible spend is up to £1000.


  jediknight007 18:41 21 Jan 2003

Well, with half of that amount of money, I could be able to build a new PC with a Pentium 4. If you want to upgrade to a Pentium 4, it's most likely you will need a new motherboard since the P3s and P4s use different socket/slots. About your P4 2Ghz against the AMD (do you mean the XP 2000+ or the XP 2400+ which is the one which is clocked at 2Ghz?), you should search through the limitless number of posts which ask the same question. Make sure that you spend a quite a bit on a fast and reliable hard drive which has at least 80GB since you indicate that you store a lot of data.

  pj123 18:50 21 Jan 2003

You don't need that much to upgrade.

Have a look here click here and click on BUNDLES.

  duplo 19:26 21 Jan 2003

Assuming you want a top performer which will last a few years I would get a system as follows:

Pro:Athlon XP 2600: £227.46
MOBO:A7N8X Skt A Nforce2 Chipset:£88.11
HD:Seagate Barracuda 80Gb 7200rpm UDMA100: £77.50
Graphics:Leadtek WinFast GeForce4 MX440 64Mb DDR Retail:£51.54
Sound card:SoundBlaster 5.1 Digital: £33.97

£478.62 (inc VAT)

You can spend £15-200 on a case- the choice is wide. I just though I would show you a system that I would build for office use with the odd bit of graphics. I dont know if you need CDRW/DVD/FLOPPY and cables...

prices from

click here

Good luck

  goonerbill 22:31 21 Jan 2003

if ya thinking of building a pc to duplo's specs, have a look at pc index for the best prices. the check the prices of about 20 etailers and list the cheapest of what ever component you are after. heres the site click here ebuyer is one of the etailers they check as well. would also say that would add 512mb of pc2700 or pc3200 to duplo's specs

  Gaz 25 22:53 21 Jan 2003

A good place for bundles is Panet Micro click here

If you need any help or advice go to click here

  DieSse 23:02 21 Jan 2003

If you want reliabilty and stability, get a 2.4GHz P4 with fsb of 533MHz (the 2.4 should be hardly any more than a 2.0) - an intel i845PE motherboard (wih hyperthreading support, for upgrades), and 512Mb PC2700 RAM - only get 1st grade branded RAM - don't be seduced by ultra low RAM prices. All such boards should have 6 USB version2 ports.

If you're talking about USB memory sticks - get a case with front mounted USB ports - make sure they're specified for USB2 - many aren't.

Twin 80 Gb 7200 rpm drives would ensure you have lots of capacity, and a solid backup facility.

A GeF4 MX440/460, or a GeF4 Ti 4200 should do you well for graphics.

  DieSse 23:04 21 Jan 2003

PS - make sure you get top quality, thermostatically controlled fans - they run much quieter.

  SafeHaven 23:40 21 Jan 2003

My Local pc shop builts them up free and cheaper than you can buy the products for, you chose what you want then they build it for free,,why well as he says its better him doing it and not having people comming back asking how to do differant things or spending hours on the telephone explaining to people. Shop round your small local pc shops most are the same price for the haedware as you buy online. I am in yorkshire, would it be common practice for this service down south? if not mail me i'll get u in contact with my pc shop and he would deliver I guess for a small fee

tc pat

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